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Hope Springs Eternal for Ultra HD

IHS announced it reckons that Ultra High-Definition (Ultra HD) TVs may be better received in the marketplace than has been the case with 3D technology.

Solid-State Drives Going Great Guns

IHS announced it forecasts that PC Solid-State Drive (SSD) shipments will rise to 227 million units in 2017, up more than 600% from 2012, while shipments of hard disk drives (HDDs) will decline to 410 million units in 2017, down 14% from 2012.

4K Televisions Wander in the Wilderness

IHS announced it reckons that consumer demand for Ultra High Definition 4K LCD televisions will remain negligible for the foreseeable future.

Hard Drive Shipments Rebound to Record Level

IHS announced it reckons that, a year after the Thailand flooding disaster, the global hard disk drive (HDD) industry has fully recovered and forecasts shipments to the computer market will hit a record level this year.

US Flat-Panel TV Prices On the Uptick

IHS announced it reckons that flat-panel TV prices in the U.S. surged in early 2012 due to a shift in strategy by brands and retailers.

Automotive Infotainment Electronics Market Rolls Along

IHS announced it forecasts that the global market for automotive infotainment systems will expand by 3% in 2012, driven by rising car production and increasing electronic content in vehicles.

Thailand Floods Continue to Affect HDD Manufacturing

IHS iSuppli announced it reckons the disruptions caused by the floods that struck Thailand in late 2011 will continue to affect hard disk drive (HDD) production into the third quarter of 2012.

Large-Sized LCD Panel Pricing Stabilizes in December

IHS iSuppli announced it reckons that prices for large-sized Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panels stabilized in December 2011.

Electronics Contract Manufacturing Retreats

IHS iSuppli announced it expects the global electronics contract manufacturing business to decline slightly in 2012.

High Prices Handicap AMOLED TV Market

IHS iSuppli announced it forecasts that global shipments of AMOLED televisions will reach 2.1 million sets in 2015, which will account for roughly 1% of the flat-panel TV market.

LED TVs Take the Lead

IHS iSuppli announced that U.S. shipments of LED-backlit LCD televisions in the third quarter of 2011 surpassed those of rival sets employing Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs).

November Cruel Month for Flat-panel TV Prices

IHS iSuppli announced it reckons that the difficult economy, coupled with frantic efforts among television manufacturers to boost year-end sales, drove down the price of U.S. flat-panel TVs to their lowest level in eight months in November.

UltraViolet or Bust?

IHS iSuppli announced it reckons that six major movie studios are barking up the right tree with their UltraViolet initiative.

Amazon’s Kindle is on Fire

IHS iSuppli announced it forecasts that Amazon will ship 3.9 million Kindle Fire tablets during the fourth quarter of 2011, which will surpass all other iPad rivals.

Kindle Fire Costs $201.70 to Produce

IHS iSuppli announced it reckons that Amazon’s Kindle Fire media tablet costs $201.70 to manufacture.