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Archive of posts tagged M-DISC Archives Personal Data to Blu-ray M-DISC (formerly Millenniata) announced a new service that automatically archives personal data stored on popular cloud sites to Blu-ray M-DISC optical media.

Verbatim Europe Launches 100GB Blu-ray M-Disc

Verbatim Europe announced its new M-DISC BD-R XL 100GB Blu-ray optical discs for long-term data archiving.

OWC Launches External Blu-ray and DVD Recorders

Other World Computing (OWC) announced its latest Mercury Pro external SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Blu-ray and DVD optical disc drives.

Blue Skies for Verbatim Optical Storage Media

As its competitors fall by the wayside, Verbatim Europe announced that it is upbeat about the market for optical storage media.

Millenniata and MKM/Verbatim Launch 100GB Blu-ray M-Disc

Millenniata and MKM/Verbatim announced that their new archival M-DISC BD-R XL 100GB Blu-ray optical discs will be available by the end of February 2015.

One-Blue Patent Pool Welcomes Millenniata

One-Blue, LLC announced that Millenniata has signed on to its Blu-ray Disc (BD) patent licensing program.

Hitachi Unveils Long-Term Data Preservation Platform

Hitachi Data Systems announced its new Hitachi Digital Preservation Platform, which allows federal agencies to preserve and archive mission-critical data on recordable Blu-ray discs.

Verbatim/MKM to Market Archival Blu-ray and DVD M-DISC

Millenniata announced that Verbatim and its parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM), will market, as well as jointly develop, M-DISC-branded archival Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Hie Electronics Approves Blu-ray M-Disc

Hie Electronics announced that it has completed robotic handling tests of Millenniata’s 25GB recordable Blu-ray M-DISC in its TeraStack Solution for data storage and archiving.

Millenniata Uncorks Blu-ray M-DISC

After enduring several unanticipated delays, Millenniata announced that it is now shipping its new 25GB recordable Blu-ray M-DISC.

Millenniata and Friends Promote M-DISC Archival Storage

Millenniata announced that it is working with Samsung, LG, Lite ON and others to promote awareness and adoption of its M-DISC optical storage media.

Millenniata Hypes M-DISC Test Results

Millenniata announced that its latest longevity test results suggest that the company’s DVD-compatible M-DISC optical storage media may last for more than 1,000 years.

Millenniata Blu-ray M-DISC Ready for Blast Off

Better late than never, Millenniata announced that it plans to begin mass production of its 25GB Blu-ray M-DISCs in early August.

Millenniata Unveils Blu-ray M-DISCs

Millenniata announced that it plans to offer 25GB Blu-ray M-DISCs in the second quarter of 2013.

Dell Europe Offers Millenniata M-DISC

Millenniata announced that Dell EMEA plans to offer M-DISC compatible DVD and Blu-ray recorders in some of its desktop and notebook PCs throughout Europe beginning this month.