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Archive of posts tagged Magneto Optical (MO)

ASTI Promotes Magneto Optical Library Alternatives

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) announced it offers several upgrade options for organizations that still employ Magneto Optical (MO) storage libraries.

ASTI Upgrades IBM 3995 Magneto Optical Libraries

Alliance Storage Technologies (ASTI) announced a new program to upgrade end-of-service IBM 3995 Magneto Optical (MO) data libraries.

GE Healthcare Offers Rorke Blu-ray ADA System

Rorke Data announced that GE Healthcare’s Accessories Group will resell the company’s Galaxy Advanced Disc for Archive (ADA) DICOM appliance, which employs writable Blu-ray Disc (BD) technology.

Just Scratching the Surface: Writable Optical Disc Protection

Let’s face it — writable CDs and DVDs are tough but they can be damaged. Scratches, scrapes, fingerprints, dust, and just plain crud can play havoc with reading and, especially, with writing. Dealing with these everyday realities in ways that keep discs realistically priced and marketable remains a challenge for product designers. Just Scratching the [...]

StorageQuest Launches Optical Volume Manager

StorageQuest Inc. announced its new Optical Volume Manager (OVM) software for managing automated Blu-ray, DVD, CD, MO, UDO and PDD storage libraries.

CD-R’s Digital Destiny

Some aspire to greatness while others have greatness thrust upon them. Certainly, greatness appears to have been thrust upon CD-R, which started life humbly enough as an expensive prototyping system. Beginning almost in obscurity, it now is poised to be the dominant optical storage technology for the next five years. Where else can so much [...]

CD, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD: A Family in Turmoil

Speed of technological change seems inevitable. Sometimes speed gets you where you want to go faster, but sometimes speed kills. Speed in product development and rush to market rather than well considered long-term planning has come on the scene to infect well-ordered CD marketing.

Eastman Kodak Proposes New Hard Sector CD-DASD Format for Removable, Rewritable Storage

Developed by Kodak engineers in conjunction with Dennis Howe of the University of Arizona Optical Data Storage Center, the Compact Disc—Direct Access Storage Disc (CD-DASD) format is positioned by Kodak as the next logical and necessary step in the evolution of CD-Recordable and CD-Erasable (CD-E) technology. Eastman Kodak Proposes New Hard Sector CD-DASD Format for [...]