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Archive of posts tagged Memory-Tech Corporation

Memory-Tech Doubles 100GB Ultra HD Blu-ray Replication Capacity

Memory-Tech Corporation in Japan announced it is doubling its prerecorded 100GB triple-layer 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc replication capacity to 600,000 units per month.

Memory-Tech Ready to Rock 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

Memory-Tech and Q-TEC announced that the companies now offer 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring and replication services.

Memory-Tech Replicates 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs

Memory-Tech Corporation announced that it is ready to mass-produce dual and triple-layer Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

Pioneer and Memory-Tech Developing 512GB Optical Discs

Pioneer and Memory-Tech announced they, with the assistance of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, are developing a next-generation optical storage format for data archiving that teases disc capacities ranging from 256GB (single-side, eight-layer) to 1TB (double-side, twelve-layer).

Memory-Tech Buys Singulus Blu-ray Replication Line

Singulus Technologies announced that it has sold an additional BLULINE II prerecorded Blu-ray Disc (BD-ROM) replication system to Memory-Tech Corporation in Japan.

Memory-Tech Purchases Singulus Blu-ray Replication Line

Singulus Technologies AG announced that it sold one of its BLULINE II Blu-ray Disc (BD) production lines to Memory-Tech Corporation in Japan. According to the statement, the BLULINE II is designed for the economical production of prerecorded (BD-ROM) 25 GB single-layer (SL) and 50 GB dual-layer (DL) discs according to the specifications issued by the [...]

UDO-DMD Promoted to Distribute and Storage HD DVD Content

MKM/Verbatim, Memory Tech Corporation and Plasmon announced a technology and business alliance to manufacture and promote Ultra Density Optical – Digital Master Disk (UDO-DMD).