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CD-R Duplication Consolidation – A Step In The Right Direction

Now that initial easy sales are a thing of the past, reality has settled in for small manufacturers of CD-R duplication systems. Future industry growth now depends upon exploiting new markets and applications. To take advantage of untapped opportunities, industry consolidation is necessary, and is, in fact, already happening.

The New Spressa 920: It’s a Sony

Given the Spressa’s impressive performance and the universal identification of its manufacturer’s name, many users’ first CD recorder will undoubtedly be a Sony.

Philips’ CDD522 Is Evolution, Not Revolution

Based on technology from the very popular and dependable CDD521 it replaces, Philips’ CDD522 ($3895) should be a sensible interim entry-level recorder until the next generation of double speed half-height mechanisms become available and demonstrate themselves as being stable.