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Archive of posts tagged Millenniata Archives Personal Data to Blu-ray M-DISC (formerly Millenniata) announced a new service that automatically archives personal data stored on popular cloud sites to Blu-ray M-DISC optical media.

Verbatim Europe Launches 100GB Blu-ray M-Disc

Verbatim Europe announced its new M-DISC BD-R XL 100GB Blu-ray optical discs for long-term data archiving.

Millenniata and MKM/Verbatim Launch 100GB Blu-ray M-Disc

Millenniata and MKM/Verbatim announced that their new archival M-DISC BD-R XL 100GB Blu-ray optical discs will be available by the end of February 2015.

One-Blue Patent Pool Welcomes Millenniata

One-Blue, LLC announced that Millenniata has signed on to its Blu-ray Disc (BD) patent licensing program.

Verbatim/MKM to Market Archival Blu-ray and DVD M-DISC

Millenniata announced that Verbatim and its parent company, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM), will market, as well as jointly develop, M-DISC-branded archival Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Hie Electronics Approves Blu-ray M-Disc

Hie Electronics announced that it has completed robotic handling tests of Millenniata’s 25GB recordable Blu-ray M-DISC in its TeraStack Solution for data storage and archiving.

Millenniata Uncorks Blu-ray M-DISC

After enduring several unanticipated delays, Millenniata announced that it is now shipping its new 25GB recordable Blu-ray M-DISC.

Updates to The Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ

The latest updates, changes and additions to The Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ:

Millenniata and Friends Promote M-DISC Archival Storage

Millenniata announced that it is working with Samsung, LG, Lite ON and others to promote awareness and adoption of its M-DISC optical storage media.

Millenniata Hypes M-DISC Test Results

Millenniata announced that its latest longevity test results suggest that the company’s DVD-compatible M-DISC optical storage media may last for more than 1,000 years.

Millenniata Blu-ray M-DISC Ready for Blast Off

Better late than never, Millenniata announced that it plans to begin mass production of its 25GB Blu-ray M-DISCs in early August.

Millenniata Unveils Blu-ray M-DISCs

Millenniata announced that it plans to offer 25GB Blu-ray M-DISCs in the second quarter of 2013.

Imation Offers DVD and Blu-ray M-DISCs

Millenniata and Imation announced that Imation will co-brand and distribute Millenniata’s DVD and Blu-ray M-DISC optical storage media.

Dell Europe Offers Millenniata M-DISC

Millenniata announced that Dell EMEA plans to offer M-DISC compatible DVD and Blu-ray recorders in some of its desktop and notebook PCs throughout Europe beginning this month.

Millenniata M-DISC Media Available at Fry’s Electronics

Millenniata announced that its DVD-compatible M-DISC optical storage media is now available at Fry’s Electronics.