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In DVD’s Own Image: DVD-Recordable Technology and Promise

This article was the first serious public look at the technical aspects of and market potential for DVD-Recordable (DVD-R). Some thirteen years later, it’s gratifying to see that DVD-R became, and indeed still remains, a beloved and universal means for enjoying, distributing, storing and archiving just about everything digital.

Mitsui Advanced Media Sheds U.S. CD-R Plant, Becomes MAM-A

On June 16, Mitsui Advanced Media Inc. made a low-key announcement that Computer Support Italcard s.r.l. (CSI) had acquired a majority position in the longstanding CD-R company now to be known as MAM-A, Inc. Located in Colorado Springs, Mitsui Advanced Media was formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese industrial giant Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

CD-R, Fit to Print: Printing Devices for CD-Recordable

There is little arguing that CD-R disc label printing has come a long way in terms of price and capability in a few years and the future promises more exciting developments.

DVD: A Problem Ignored

Now just a darned minute! Wasn’t the new high-density DVD/DVD-ROM specification supposed to be backwards compatible? Wasn’t it implied that DVD drives could play existing CD-Recordable discs?

Kodak’s PCD Writer 600 and Disc Transporter: Replication in Record Time

Much like the military remnants of the cold war, Kodak’s expensive PCD Writer 600 is trying to find an alternate role in a new world order — a recorder culture dominated by entry-level units. But comparing the PCD Writer 600 to any other CD recorder is like comparing the old Army Jeep to a Hummer, [...]