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Archive of posts tagged MStar Semiconductor

LG and MStar Embrace Eurofins 4K HDR Ultra HD Logo

Eurofins Digital Testing announced forthcoming LG Electronics TVs and MStar SoC components will carry the company’s 4K HDR Ultra HD logo.

MStar Brings Dolby Vision HDR to Ultra HDTV Chipset

Dolby Laboratories and MStar Semiconductor announced they are working together to offer a 4K Ultra HDTV System-on-Chip (SoC) that integrates Dolby Vision.

MStar to Integrate DivX Plus Streaming

Rovi Corporation announced that MStar plans to release DTV chipsets certified for DivX Plus Streaming.

MStar Adopts DivX Plus Streaming

Rovi Corporation announced that MStar Semiconductor plans to integrate DivX Plus Streaming technology into its System-on-Chip (SoC) platforms for Smart Digital TVs.

Sink Device Achieves DisplayPort 1.2 Certification

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) that it has certified its first sink device under the DisplayPort Version 1.2 standard.

Trident Dominating TV Video Processing Chip Market

iSuppli Corp. announced that Trident Microsystems Inc. has stormed into the lead in the fast-growing market for television video processing chips.

MStar Integrates RoxioNow Into HDTV Chipsets

Sonic Solutions announced that MStar Semiconductor, Inc. will include Sonic’s RoxioNow entertainment platform in MStar’s SoC solutions, which will be used in upcoming connected HDTVs.