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Archive of posts tagged PCD Writer 600

HyCD Supports Enhanced Kodak CD-R Disc Transporter

Eastman Kodak Company announced that its enhanced Disc Transporter is now supported by Creative Digital Research’s HyCD CD-R recording software.

Running OPC: The Best Thing for CD-R, but What About DVD?

It’s hard to deny how far CD recorders have come in just a few years, but there are still particular features that set superior machines apart from the rest. The most notable of these is Running Optimum Power Control (OPC).

Kodak Disc Transporter Supports Half-Height CD Recorders

Eastman Kodak Company announced an adapter kit that allows 5.25” half-height CD recorders to be used with the company’s Disc Transporter.

Audio Development Employs Kodak PCD Writer 600 for CD Testing

Eastman Kodak Company announced that its PCD Writer 600 is now available as the 6X read/write measurement platform for Audio Development’s CD CATS quality control system.

Kodak Recognizes Young Minds for Integrating PCD Writer 600

Eastman Kodak Company announced that it is recognizing Young Minds, Inc. for integrating the company’s PCD Writer 600 with its CD recording systems.

Kodak’s PCD Writer 600 and Disc Transporter: Replication in Record Time

Much like the military remnants of the cold war, Kodak’s expensive PCD Writer 600 is trying to find an alternate role in a new world order — a recorder culture dominated by entry-level units. But comparing the PCD Writer 600 to any other CD recorder is like comparing the old Army Jeep to a Hummer, [...]

Kodak Unveils Automated Photo CD Imaging Workstation

Eastman Kodak Company announced its new automated Photo CD Imaging Workstation 6600.

Kodak Rolls Out 6x Writable CD Production Station

Eastman Kodak Company announced its new CD Production Station, which features the company’s 6x-speed PCD Writer 600 CD recorder and Disc Transporter.