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Archive of posts tagged PCI Express

OCZ Unveils RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSDs

OCZ Storage Solutions announced its new  RevoDrive 350 series of PCIe Solid-State Drives (SSDs).

Plextor Rolls Out M6e PCI Express SSD

Plextor announced its new M6e PCIe Solid-State Drive (SSD), which is targeted at high-performance gaming systems.

Plextor Rolls Out New Solid-State Drives

Plextor announced its new M6 series line-up of Solid-State Drives (SSDs) at CES 2014.

SATA 3.2 Specification Released into the Wild

The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) announced it has released version 3.2 of its SATA interface specification.

Seagate Uncorks Latest SSDs

Seagate Technology announced its new lineup of Solid-State Drives (SSDs), as well as its new X8 Accelerator storage class memory PCIe card.

Sumitomo Samples Optical Thunderbolt Cables

Sumitomo Electric announced that it is now shipping samples of its optical Thunderbolt cable.

HighPoint Unleashes Thunderbolt Storage Controller Boards

HighPoint Technologies announced that it will unveil a new series of Thunderbolt-based storage controller boards at NAB Show 2012.

Super Talent Unveils USB 3.0 and PCIe Flash Disk Modules

Super Talent Technology announced two new Flash Disk Module (FDM) solutions for industrial and embedded applications.

Sony Launches XQD Memory Cards

Sony Electronics announced its new line of high-speed XQD flash memory cards.

XQD Memory Cards Promise Higher Performance

The CompactFlash Association (CFA) announced that it has published the specifications for its new XQD memory card format.

All Aboard the SATA Express

The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) announced its new SATA Express specification, which combines the SATA software infrastructure with the PCI Express (PCIe) interface to increase device interface speeds up to 16Gb/s.

Apple Launches ThunderBolt Display

Apple announced its new 27-inch Thunderbolt Display ($999), which features Thunderbolt I/O technology as well as acts as a docking station for Mac notebook computers.

Sonnet Embraces Thunderbolt for Storage and Expansion

Sonnet Technologies announced its first storage and expansion systems as well as networking and I/O adapters that incorporate Thunderbolt technology.

Apple Launches New iMacs with Thunderbolt

Apple announced that it has updated its all-in-one iMacs with next generation Intel quad-core processors, new AMD Radeon HD graphics, Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera.

Hitachi Touts Thunderbolt at NAB Show 2011

Hitachi GST announced that it is showing off its latest hard disk drives and talking about its commitment to Thunderbolt technology at the NAB Show 2011.