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Primera Launches Bravo 4102 XRP Blu-ray Publishers

Primera Technology announced its new rack-mountable Bravo 4102 XRP Blu-ray Disc ($3,795) and CD/DVD ($5,495) publishers at the NAB Show 2011.

Primera Ships RX900 Colour RFID Printer

Primera Technology announced that it is now shipping it new RX900 Colour RFID Printer.

Primera Unleashes Bravo 4100 Blu-ray Disc Publishers

Primera Technology, Inc. announced its new Bravo 4100 series of CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) publishers and label autoprinters.

MF Digital Extends Disc Duplicator Trade-in Offer

MF Digital announced that it is extending its competitive trade-in offer for used optical disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) duplication equipment from Rimage Corp. and Primera Technology.

Primera Enhances Bravo Blu-ray Disc Publishers

Primera Technology, Inc. announced that it has made significant speed enhancements to its Bravo-Series Blu-ray Disc Publishers. According to the statement, all Primera Blu-ray Disc Publishers manufactured after May 1, 2010 ship with 12x recorders (up from 8x BD-R) and eSATA interfaces (replacing USB 2.0). Each machine includes the appropriate eSATA cable(s) and a PCIe [...]

Primera Launches Archival DVD Publishers

Primera Technology, Inc. announced its Bravo Archive-Series Disc Publishers at the National Association of Broadcaster’s (NAB) show in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to the statement, Bravo Archive-Series Disc Publishers incorporate new recordable drives and media from Millenniata, Inc. Together they deliver a permanent data archival solution. Millenniata projects the useable life of its recorded discs [...]

MAM-A Unveils FlexPrint Recordable Discs

MAM-A Inc. announced that it has introduced its new FlexPrint multi-print compatible surface DVD-R, DVD+R DL and CD-R media.

Primera BravoPro Review

The Primera BravoPro is an affordable and painless in-house DVD production solution that yields professional results and provides some comfortable room to grow if your needs don’t immediately justify a system of its speed or capacity. When a Bravo II won’t quite do, it’s BravoPro to the rescue!

Primera Accent Disc Laminator Review

Until Primera’s Accent Disc Laminator came along, desktop disc decoration had seen and done it all. The Accent raises the stakes for inkjet-printable label durability, appearance, and visual authentication. A specialized device best left for volume-batch production situations, the Accent introduces useful and innovative capabilities, and challenges the industry to take note.

Our Discs are Sealed

Isn’t it amazing that for all of the careful design they put into CD and DVD technology, the engineers never stopped to consider how discs might be labeled on the desktop? Thankfully, the marketplace has come to the rescue with its own solutions—some good, some not so good, but all ingenious in their own regard.

Primera Bravo Disc Publisher Review

With its lovable size, full range of features, integrated label printer, and competent operation — all at price to die for — Primera’s Bravo Disc Publisher sets a new standard for personal CD and DVD duplication, and may prove the ultimate digital studio peripheral. Primera Bravo Disc Publisher Review Hugh Bennett EMedia: The Digital Studio [...]

The Need For An Industrial Color CD-R Printer

Lately, it seems every time I go to an industry trade show I come away disappointed – not that I don’t find the event useful and not that I don’t enjoy chatting with the vendors – my problem is that another opportunity has gone by without someone introducing what I consider to be the next [...]

Primera Signature III Color Printer Review

Primera Technology’s Signature III now offers the best combination of ease of use and overall value for any CD label printer in its price range and will surely find itself in demand by enthusiast and professional users alike.

CD Cyclone T-8 Interactive CD Production Tower Review

CD Cyclone’s T-8 Interactive CD Production Tower shows great promise, and with some additional engineering could be a significant force in the higher-end market. However, due to a few lingering instabilities, poor error handling, and an as-yet- incomplete feature set, the T-8 remains a work in progress.

Microtech Systems’ ImageAutomator Review

Microtech Systems’ ImageAutomator is an excellent CD duplicator that offers a lot of bang for the buck. While not as much a turnkey solution for centralized network disc creation as Rimage’s Protégé and Autostar systems, the ImageAutomator is without peer in customized corporate and commercial environments.