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Archive of posts tagged Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)

Seagate Ships Speedy 6TB Enterprise HDD

Seagate Technology announced that it is shipping a new 3.5-inch 6TB enterprise hard disk drive (HDD).

Toshiba Self-Encrypting HDD Meets FIPS 140-2

Toshiba Corporation announced that its MQ01ABUxxxBW series of 7mm hard disk drives (HDDs) meets FIPS 140-2 security requirements.

Hitachi GST Ships 25nm SLC NAND Flash SSDs

Hitachi GST announced that its Ultrastar family of Solid-State Drives (SSDs) is the industry’s first to use 25-nanometer (nm) single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash.

SEDs Give IT Practitioners the Warm Fuzzies

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) announced the findings of a new study it sponsored entitled “Perceptions about Self-Encrypting Drives: A Study of IT Practitioners.”

Toshiba Unveils Wipe Technology for Hard Disk Drives

Toshiba Corporation announced Wipe for Toshiba Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) models, a technology that allows special security capabilities, such as the ability for sensitive user data to be securely erased when a system is powered-down or when a SED HDD is removed from the system. According to the statement, the feature can also be used to [...]