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Archive of posts tagged StorageQuest

StorageQuest Launches Flash Storage Appliance

StorageQuest Inc. announced the introduction of its new Flash Storage Appliance (FSA).

StorageQuest Supports DISC ArXtor Blu-ray Libraries

DISC Archiving Systems announced that StorageQuest’s Archive Manager (SAM) software supports DISC’s new ArXtor Blu-ray iSCSI optical libraries.

StorageQuest Launches Blu-ray Optical Network Appliance

StorageQuest announced its new Optical Network Appliance (ONA), which provides high throughput archiving over the network to an array of up to twenty warm-swappable Blu-ray BDXL writers.

StorageQuest OVM Adds Milestone Support

StorageQuest announced that its Optical Volume Manager (OVM) now supports Milestone Systems’s XProtect video surveillance software.

Enter the Backulator

Question: What do you get when you cross a data backup system with an automated optical disc duplicator? Answer: A “backulator!”

StorageQuest Launches Optical Volume Manager

StorageQuest Inc. announced its new Optical Volume Manager (OVM) software for managing automated Blu-ray, DVD, CD, MO, UDO and PDD storage libraries.