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Archive of posts tagged Syabas Technology

blinkx Hits Popcorn Hour and PopBox

blinkx announced that a blinkx app is now available for Syabas Technology’s Popcorn Hour and PopBox.

Syabas Unveils Popcorn Hour C-300 Network Media Player

Syabas Technology announced its new Popcorn Hour C-300 network media player ($349).

Viewster Hits Popbox and Popcorn Hour

Syabas Technology announced that Viewster is now available for the company’s Popcorn Hour and PopBox media players through the Syabas Apps Market.

XpanD Names New CFO

XpanD announced that it has appointed Marty Jaffe as the company’s chief financial officer.

Popcorn Hour and PopBox Support Matroska 3D

Syabas Technology announced that it is updating the firmware in its Popcorn Hour and PopBox media players to support the Matroska Stereo 3D container format.