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The Need For An Industrial Color CD-R Printer

Lately, it seems every time I go to an industry trade show I come away disappointed – not that I don’t find the event useful and not that I don’t enjoy chatting with the vendors – my problem is that another opportunity has gone by without someone introducing what I consider to be the next [...]

Iomega’s Clik! and the Realities of Portable Storage

With the tremendous growth in the type and number of handheld digital devices being introduced into the market, an urgent need has emerged for small form-factor removable storage devices and media.

Storage Is A Many Splendored Thing

From time to time we all may be guilty of a single-minded devotion to one or another storage format – be it DVD-RAM, CD-R, hard disk, tape or whatever. Such was the message underlying the 1999 Technology and Manufacturing Conference of the International Recording Media Association (IRMA), held in Scottsdale, AZ – that we shouldn’t [...]

Questioning DVD Duplication

Thanks to inexpensive media, advances in high speed writing, broad based compatibility and the continuing move to just-in-time delivery, CD-R and CD-R duplication have ignited a revolution in the world of CD manufacturing and are poised to bring about the elimination of low run CD replication. However, is it fair to assume that DVD will [...]

MultiRead – The DVD Sequel

The Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) has undertaken a renewed effort to surpass its previous accomplishments in the hope of bringing some clarity to the DVD storage marketplace. I’m of course referring to the existing MultiRead specification for CD and OSTA’s desire to create a new MultiRead 2 specification designed to promote and facilitate compatibility [...]

Will 1999 Bring Success To CD-RW?

The latest and most outrageous prophecy made for the optical storage market is that 1999 will be the year of CD-ReWritable. But given its restricted functional realities, poor price potential, limited compatibility and existing indifferent market reception it’s hard to believe that anyone would trumpet such great expectations for CD-RW in the coming year.

CD-R’s Digital Destiny

Some aspire to greatness while others have greatness thrust upon them. Certainly, greatness appears to have been thrust upon CD-R, which started life humbly enough as an expensive prototyping system. Beginning almost in obscurity, it now is poised to be the dominant optical storage technology for the next five years. Where else can so much [...]