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Archive of posts tagged THX Media Director

THX Media Director Takes Flight

THX Ltd announced that the upcoming release of Red Tails on Blu-ray and DVD incorporates THX’s Media Director technology.

THX Media Director Goes Live at CES

THX Ltd. announced the fist round of consumer electronics devices that incorporate THX Media Director technology at CES 2012.

BluFocus and THX Buddy Up

BluFocus Inc. announced that it is the first official THX Media Director quality control (QC) facility.

Dune HD Pro Previewed at CES

Dune HD, GmbH announced that it is previewing its Dune HD Pro media system at CES 2012.

THX Media Director Gains Support

THX Ltd. announced that a number of leading semiconductor manufacturers support the company’s THX Media Director technology.

Logitech Supports THX Media Director

THX Ltd. announced that upcoming HDMI-based audio products from Logitech will support THX Media Director.

Rovi Supports THX Media Director

THX Ltd. announced that its THX Media Director is now supported by Rovi’s Scenarist and CineVision authoring and encoding tools and RoxioNow entertainment platform.

THX Media Director Gains Traction

THX Ltd. announced that LG Electronics, Sonic Solutions, JVC U.S.A, Epson America and Onkyo Sound and Vision will integrate THX Media Director technology into their devices and content distribution systems.

Sonic Adds THX Media Director to RoxioNow

Sonic Solutions announced that it will incorporate THX Media Director technology into its professional content creation products, add THX Media Director content descriptors into digital content streamed through its RoxioNow entertainment platform and incorporate THX Media Director functionality into RoxioNow playback.