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Archive of posts tagged Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Brings 300 Channels to Xbox 360

Time Warner Cable announced that its video subscribers who are Microsoft Xbox LIVE Gold members will be able to watch up to 300 live TV channels through their Xbox 360.

TV Networks Cough Up Big Bucks for Blockbusters

IHS announced it reckons that competition among TV networks to air top movies is so intense that some stations will pay eight-figure fees, in some cases committing to healthy per-box-office-dollar payment formulas even before the movies open on the big screen.

Time Warner Launches iPad TV Streaming App

Time Warner Cable announced its new TWCable TV app for the Apple iPad, which allows the company’s video customers to stream live linear television to the device.

Netflix Dominates U.S. Digital Movie Streaming

The NPD Group announced that, according to its latest research, Netflix’s share of digital movie units (downloaded or streamed) reached 61% between January 2011 and February 2011.

Time Warner Cable Offers 3D Coverage of 2010 PGA Championship

Time Warner Cable announced that it will provide to its customers in selected markets 3D coverage of the 92nd PGA Championship. According to the statement, the telecast, produced by Turner Sports and the PGA of America, will air on Thursday, Aug. 12 and Friday, Aug. 13 and will focus on Whistling Straits Par- 3 holes [...]

The Masters Available in 3D on Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable announced that beginning April 9, customers will be able to view daily highlights from this year’s Masters Golf Tournament in 3D on demand.

Hollywood and Cable Launch $30 Million Movies on Demand Campaign

Several major Hollywood studios and cable companies announced that they have joined forces for a significant push to expand consumer awareness of Movies On Demand, a service that provides a convenient and affordable way to rent top-grossing box office hits on cable.