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Archive of posts tagged Toshiba America Electronics Components (TAEC)

Toshiba Unveils 14TB Conventional Magnetic Recording Hard Disk Drive

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation announced its new enterprise-oriented 14TB conventional magnetic recording hard disk drive.

Toshiba Unveils 10TB NAS-Class Hard Disk Drive

Toshiba America Electronic Components announced its new 3.5-inch 10TB NAS-class hard disk drive.

Toshiba Rolls Out Speedy microSD Memory Cards

Toshiba America Electronic Components announced its new line of UHS-II microSD flash memory cards, which are available in 32GB and 64GB capacities.

Toshiba Unveils 15K RPM Enterprise HDDs

Toshiba Corporation announced its latest generation of 2.5-inch 15,000 RPM enterprise hard disk drives (HDDs).

Toshiba Launches Hybrid Drive

Toshiba Storage Products announced that it is now shipping its first hybrid drive that combines hard disk and NAND flash memory technology.

Toshiba Launches 10K RPM Enterprise HDDs

Toshiba’s Storage Products Business Unit announced its new AL13SE series of 2.5-inch 6Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface hard disk drives (HDDs).

Toshiba Unveils Latest SSDs

Toshiba Storage Products announced its new THNSNF series of Solid-State Drives (SSDs).

Toshiba Celebrates Invention of NAND Flash Memory

Toshiba America Electronic Components announced that it is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Toshiba’s invention of NAND flash memory.

Toshiba Rolls Out EXCERIA SDXC and SDHC Memory Cards

Toshiba America Electronic Components announced its new EXCERIA line of high performance SDXC and SDHC flash memory cards.

Toshiba Demos USB 3.0 Flash Memory

Toshiba America Electronic Components announced that it is demonstrating its TransMemory-EX series of USB flash memory products at CES 2012.

Toshiba Showcases 3D and LCD Displays at SID 2011

Toshiba America Electronic Components announced that it will exhibit next-generation 3D and LCD displays and technologies at the 2011 Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium, Seminar & Exhibition, May 17 to 19, 2011.

Toshiba Releases WX800 Cinema Series 3D HDTV

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. announced that it has released its premier Cinema Series line for 2010, featuring the WX800 3D series and 2D VX700 series, LED backlit HDTVs. According to the statement, the WX800 Cinema Series (55WX800, 46WX800) is available in 55-inch ($3,299.99) and 46-inch screen sizes ($2,599.99) and the VX700 Cinema Series (55VX700, [...]

Toshiba Launches Fast SDHC Memory Cards

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. and its parent company Toshiba Corporation announced the launch of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB SDHC UHS-I cards compliant with the SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 3.0 (SD 3.0), UHS104. According to the statement, Toshiba has also unveiled 4GB, 8GB and 16GB microSDHC UHS-I cards compliant with (SD 3.0), UHS50. Mass [...]

Antitrust Suit Launched Over LCD Display Price Fixing

The New York State Attorney General announced that it has filed an antitrust action against several major technology companies for allegedly illegally fixing prices for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens used in computers, televisions and cell phones. According to the statement, the lawsuit seeks to recover damages suffered from 1996 to 2006 by New York [...]

Toshiba Develops OCB Liquid Crystal Panel for 3D Glasses

Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd. (TMD) announced it has developed an Optically Compensated Bend (OCB) liquid crystal display panel for 3D glasses suitable for watching 3D television, enjoying 3D movies or playing 3D games. According to the statement, a 3D image is created by providing slightly different images to your left and right eyes. There [...]