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Archive of posts tagged Ultra High Speed (UHS)

New SDXC and SDHC Memory Cards Support 4K Video

The SD Association announced a new Ultra High Speed (UHS) Speed Class 3 (U3) designation and symbol to identify memory cards capable of recording 4K2K video.

Maxell Unveils Professional Plus SDHC Cards

Maxell Corporation announced its new SDHC Ultra High Speed UHS-I flash memory cards, which  are available in 16GB ($37.83) and 32GB ($72.99) capacities.

Panasonic Launches Ultra High Speed SD Memory Cards

Panasonic Europe announced its newest range of Gold and Silver Ultra High Speed (UHS) SD flash memory cards.

SanDisk Launches UHS-I SDHC Flash Memory Card

SanDisk Corporation announced its new SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I flash memory card.

New Symbols Identify Fastest SDXC and SDHC Flash Products

The SD Association announced two new high-speed performance symbols for the fastest SDXC and SDHC devices and memory cards. According to the statement, the first symbol (UHS) identifies products with bus-interface speeds up to 104 Megabytes per second for greater device performance. The second symbol (UHS Speed Class) identifies SD memory cards and products with [...]