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Archive of posts tagged USB 2.0

Aleratec Launches 1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini

Aleratec Inc. announced its new 1:22 USB Copy Cruiser Mini portable USB flash drive duplicator ($629).

SanDisk Launches Dual USB Flash Drive

SanDisk Corporation announced its new Ultra Dual USB flash drive, which features both micro-USB and USB 2.0 connectors.

Addonics Unveils CipherUSB Encryption Tools

Addonics Technologies announced its new CipherUSB family of USB hardware encryption tools.

Imation Rolls Out IronKey Secure Drives

Imation announced its new encrypted IronKey D80 flash and H80 hard disk drives.

Ritek Rolls Out RIDATA SD9 Flash Drive

Ritek Corporation announced its new RIDATA SD9 USB 2.0 flash drive, which is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities.

Epson Launches Home Cinema 750HD Projector

Epson America announced its new 3LCD PowerLite Home Cinema 750HD projector ($899) at CES 2013.

Imation Rolls Out IronKey Encrypted Flash Drives

Imation Corp. announced its next generation IronKey S250 and D250 hardware-encrypted USB flash drives.

Moser Baer Unveils Special Edition Flash Drives

Moser Baer announced new special edition USB 2.0 flash drives that feature symbolic representations of the Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.

Dane-Elec Unveils Avengers USB Drives

Dane-Elec announced that its line of Marvel’s The Avengers 8GB USB flash drives is available at Best Buy.

ASUS Launches SDRW-08D3S-U External DVD Writer

ASUSTeK Computer announced its new SDRW-08D3S-U external 8x DVD writer.

Enova Unveils USB Drive Encryption Dongle

Enova Technology announced its new Enigma ciphering dongle that encrypts data stored on most types of USB drives.

Kingston Rolls Out Secure USB Flash Drive

Kingston Digital announced its new DataTraveler Locker+ G2 secure USB flash drive.

Epson Launches PowerLite Home Cinema 710HD Projector

Epson America announced its new PowerLite Home Cinema 710HD home theatre projector, which employs 3LCD technology and offers 720p resolution.

Western Digital Launches 2TB Portable Mac HDD

Western Digital announced its My Passport Studio 2TB portable hard drive, which is aimed at the Mac market.

MBI Launches Credit Card-Shaped USB Flash Drive

Moser Baer announced that it has launched its new ZAP credit-card shaped 4GB USB flash drive in the Indian market.