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Archive of posts tagged Verity Systems

Microtech Acquires Rights to Verity Inkjet Disc Printer

Microtech Systems announced that it has acquired all of the technology and production rights to the Panther optical disc printer from Verity Systems.

Verity UK Launches Anti-Piracy DVD Duplicators

Verity Systems announced that it has released its Lightning Anti-Piracy DVD duplicators, featuring copy protection software to help to prevent unauthorized disc reproduction. According to the statement, the copy protection software embeds protection onto the user’s master. The protected master can then be transferred to the Lightning Anti-Piracy duplicator via the USB connection and further [...]

Our Discs are Sealed

Isn’t it amazing that for all of the careful design they put into CD and DVD technology, the engineers never stopped to consider how discs might be labeled on the desktop? Thankfully, the marketplace has come to the rescue with its own solutions—some good, some not so good, but all ingenious in their own regard.