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Archive of posts tagged VIDITY

Kaleidescape 4K Ultra HD Player Integrates CryptoMedia Platform

Rambus announced that Kaleidescape‚Äôs 4K Ultra HD Strato movie player will integrate the company’s CryptoMedia platform.

Rambus Cryptography Research Secures 4K Ultra HD

Rambus Inc. announced that its Cryptography Research division has launched its CryptoMedia security platform to protect 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.

Western Digital Accelerates VIDITY Development

Western Digital announced that it has launched a new software platform to simplify and speed up the creation and deployment of VIDITY enabled products and services.

SCSA Begins Licensing VIDITY 4K Ultra HD Specifications

The Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) announced that it has released licensing specifications for its VIDITY initiative.

SCSA Unveils VIDITY for 4K Ultra HD Playback

The Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) announced the launch of its VIDITY initiative, which allows 4K Ultra High-Definition (Ultra HD) and other movies to be securely distributed to, as well as stored and played back on, a range of devices.