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Walmart Launches Vudu Mobile Disc-to-Digital Service

Walmart announced the launch of its new mobile service that converts DVDs and Blu-ray Discs into digital movies.

VUDU Hits TiVo

TiVo Inc. announced that Walmart’s VUDU Video-on-Demand service will soon be available on TiVo’s Roamio and Mini devices

SANYO Rolls Out 2014 LED HDTVs

SANYO Manufacturing Corporation announced its 2014 lineup of 1080p LCD LED HDTVs.

Walmart Lusts for Used Video Games

Wal-Mart Stores announced that it is taking a serious run at the market for used video games.

Walmart Expands Disc-to-Digital Service

Walmart announced that it is expanding its in-store Disc-to-Digital movie service.

Netflix Blows Past Apple to Take Online Movie Business Lead

IHS announced it reckons that Netflix surged past Apple to become the largest U.S. online movie service in 2011.

Walmart Disc to Digital Service Welcomes DreamWorks Animation

Walmart announced that its Disc to Digital service powered by VUDU now offers movie titles from DreamWorks Animation.

Walmart Unveils UltraViolet Disc to Digital Service

Walmart announced its new in-store disc to digital service, which employs UltraViolet technology to make movies purchased on DVDs and Blu-ray discs available to be watched on Internet-connected devices.

YesVideo Offers Blu-ray Transfer Service

YesVideo announced its new online HD digital transfer service to Blu-ray Disc (BD).

VUDU Arrives on Xbox 360

Walmart announced that its VUDU entertainment service is now available on the Xbox 360 game console.

Walmart To Settle Netflix Suit

Kinsella Media, LLC announced that there is a lawsuit and proposed settlement of a class action that involves consumers who paid a subscription fee to rent DVDs online from Netflix anytime from May 19, 2005 to September 2, 2011.

VUDU Streams Pirates in Dolby 7.1 Audio

Dolby Laboratories announced that VUDU is now streaming Walt Disney Pictures’ Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 audio.

Premium TV Brands Feel the Pressure

IHS iSuppli announced that, according to its latest research, premium television brands face a growing challenge from lower-end value labels.

Walmart Rolls Out VUDU for iPad

Walmart announced the launch of its VUDU movie streaming service for Apple’s iPad.

Walmart Gets Serious with VUDU

Walmart announced that its VUDU movie streaming service is now fully integrated into the company’s website.