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Archive of posts tagged WOOX Innovations

Philips Wants Funai to Cough Up $235M

Funai Electric announced that Philips is seeking €171.8M (US $235.4 million) in compensation for its failed attempt to sell its audio, video, multimedia and accessories business to Funai.

Philips to Sell WOOX Innovations AV Business to Gibson

After bailing out of the last deal with Funai Electric, Royal Philips announced that it will sell its  audio, video, multimedia, and accessories business (WOOX Innovations) to Gibson Brands for $135 million, as well as enter into multi-year license agreement.

WOOX Launches Philips Blu-ray TV Surround Base

WOOX Innovations (Philips Electronics) announced its new HTB3525B ($299) Blu-ray 3D TV surround base at CES 2014.

Funai Says Philips Tried to Sell it a Pig in a Poke

Funai Electric announced that it has filed an arbitration counterclaim against Philips for breach of contract and misrepresentation in its planed acquisition of the company’s Lifestyle Entertainment business.

Philips Scraps AV Business Sale to Funai

Royal Philips Electronics announced that it will terminate it agreement to sell its Lifestyle Entertainment business (audio, video, multimedia, accessories) to Funai Electric.