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Technicolor and Shanghai Film Group Create JV

Technicolor announced a joint venture (JV) with Shanghai Film Group to create a premier post-production studio to serve the fast growing demand for the film, television, advertising and animation sectors in China.

According to the statement, the new joint venture between Technicolor and Shanghai Film Group, will offer services ranging from front-end processing, dailies, digital intermediates (DI), visual effects (VFX), digital cinema mastering, forensic marking (watermarking), sound mixing, animation production, film 3D, games and other services. The joint venture will also expand into other areas such as video production, management, transmission and access.

Since 1997, China has increasingly been a desirable location for Studios to shoot local Chinese language films for worldwide distribution, but also for filming American productions. A number of productions, such as Karate Kid and Chinese Odyssey 3D, have recently been co-financed by U.S. studios and Chinese film studios.

“The growth of China’s film & TV industry are well known, and adds to the potential of such joint venture in an emergent market desiring more and diverse content,” said Frederic Rose, chief executive officer of Technicolor. “Building on our longstanding experience and relationships with top ranking studios and film production companies, this joint venture with Shanghai Film Group will promote the long stride of China’s film and television industry and create a Chinese-based post production studio to serve that market and others.”

“Through cooperation with a global post production leader such as Technicolor, Shanghai Film Group will be able to meet, through this newly created JV, the fast-growing demand in China and even the global market,” says Mr. Ren Zhonglun, President of Shanghai Film Group. “We are looking forward to benefit from Technicolor’s technology, industry know-how and credibility in the area of content creation on a global scale.”

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