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Tensilica Goes on an Audyssey

Tensilica and Audyssey announced that they are working together to incorporate Audyssey’s audio technologies into Tensilica’s HiFi Audio DSP core.

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Unedited press release follows:

New Partnership Brings Audyssey’s Sound Correction Technologies to Tensilica’s HiFi Audio DSP

SANTA CLARA, CA–(Sep 13, 2011) – Tensilica┬«, Inc. and Audyssey announced today that they are working together to bring Audyssey’s award-winning audio technologies to Tensilica’s HiFi Audio DSP (digital signal processing) core for digital television (DTV), automotive and mobile applications.

“Audyssey offers unique, powerful technologies that correct many audio problems. Other audio processing companies create effects that change the sound. Audyssey’s approach is fundamentally different and helps content play back as close to the original as possible,” stated Larry Przywara, Tensilica’s senior director of multimedia marketing.

“Tensilica is the leader in licensable DSP IP cores with its best-in-class performance and power, so porting our software to Tensilica’s HiFi audio DSP is a great way for us to spread our technology into future products and even allow manufacturers that currently employ Tensilica’s DSP to add our technology in software,” stated Lenka Koloma, vice president of licensing for Audyssey.

Audyssey’s audio technology fixes acoustical and perceptual problems to reproduce content as close to the original as possible. This helps ensure that consumers get the best sound from their home theaters, DTVs, automobiles and mobile devices. Audyssey’s technology provides expanded surround sound options, preserves immersion at low volumes, helps eliminate distortion, maintains optimal volume when people watch TV, and can even prevent low frequencies from disturbing the neighbors.

Tensilica’s HiFi Audio DSP is the leading audio IP DSP core on the market and is licensed by five of the top 10 semiconductor companies and many leading system OEMs. The HiFi Audio DSP solution includes over 80 audio decoders, encoders and audio-enhancement software packages for efficient audio processing in applications ranging from low-power mobile devices to high-performance home entertainment systems, set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players/recorders and high-definition televisions.

About Audyssey Laboratories
Established in 2002, Audyssey Laboratories is the industry leader in research-based audio technologies to correct the fundamental acoustical problems in every home, car, TV, mobile, PC and movie theater system. For more information, visit

About Tensilica
Tensilica, Inc. is the leader in customizable dataplane processor IP cores. Dataplane Processor Units (DPUs) combine the best capabilities of CPUs and DSPs while delivering 10 to100x the performance and can be customized using Tensilica’s automated design tools to meet specific signal processing performance targets. Tensilica’s DPUs power SOC designs at system OEMs and six out of the top 10 semiconductor companies for products including mobile phones, consumer electronics devices (including digital TV, Blu-ray Disc players, broadband set top boxes, digital still cameras and portable media players), computers, and storage, networking and communications equipment. For more information on Tensilica’s patented, benchmark-proven DPUs visit