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Testronic Certifies SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Testronic Labs announced that it is now an official certification lab for SuperSpeed USB 3.0 product testing.

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Unedited press release follows:

Testronic is Now Approved for USB SuperSpeed Certification

25th July, 2012. London, Diepenbeek, Burbank — Testronic Labs, the global leader in quality assurance and localization services for film and television, games, websites, hardware, and software, has announced that it is an official certification test lab for SuperSpeed USB testing. USB 3.0 is gaining worldwide acceptance, and is a crucial technology that enables transfer rates of up to 5Gbits per second.

An important technology due to its ability to rapidly transfer large data, USB 3.0 addresses a number of critical needs for users and devices. SuperSpeed USB brings significant performance enhancements to the ubiquitous USB standard, while remaining compatible with the billions of USB enabled devices currently deployed in the market. According to USB.ORG SuperSpeed USB will deliver 10x the data transfer rate of Hi-Speed USB, as well as improved power efficiency. USB 3.0 was released in November 2008 and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

Testronic Labs Belgian facility is an authorized test laboratory for many industry standard interfaces, including all USB logo programs, Connected Car Consortium, DLNA, SATA and ExpressCard. Testronic is the only European independent laboratory to be qualified for SuperSpeed USB Certification services.

An important component of Testronic Labs’ certification process is the test and measurement instruments that help verify High Speed Serial Data measurements. Agilent Technologies, a leading measurement company, creates the tools for this type of measurement. Agilent’s long standing collaboration with Testronic has enabled highly accurate testing, measurement and reporting of the USB 3.0 compliance, and the companies have worked closely together to develop a quantifiable and repeatable test bed for USB 3.0.

Johan Craeybeckx, Chief Technical Officer of Testronic commented: “Our industry is facing a growing need to move data swiftly and securely across the entire digital ecosystem.  SuperSpeed USB, which follows many highly successful and widely deployed USB releases, is an important development in reaching that continually expanding need. Testronic is the first test lab in Europe to provide certification-testing services for this valuable technology and we will continue to stay focused on future developments to meet the needs of our customers. It is challenging to stay ahead of the constantly evolving industry standards, but it is what we do best and we find most engaging.”