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Testronic Debuts New 3D Test Lab

Testronic Laboratories announced the opening of its new 3D Test Lab. Set to launch in the first quarter of 2010, the Testronic 3D Test Lab will be housed in the company’s 1st Street Facility, located in Burbank, CA.

According to the statement, the Blu-ray Disc Association’s (BDA) recent announcement of a finalized 3D enhancement to the Blu-ray specification has set the stage for the proliferation of 3D in the home this year. With dozens of 3D movies awaiting release on Blu-ray or in production, and broadcasters actively preparing to deliver 3D content, consumers are awaiting a true high definition 3D experience for the home that will do justice to what they have been enjoying in the theater.

Recognizing the inevitability of 3D in the home, Testronic Labs has spent the past year consulting with the leaders in the field, including major studios, broadcasters, hardware manufacturers, 3D technology pioneers and authoring facilities, to prepare test plans and procedures for the new technology.

“As a Contributing Member of the BDA, we were confident that 3D would make it into the home in 2010,” says Seth Hallen, President of Testronic Labs US. “We knew we had to prepare to meet our clients’ needs. We invested in developing a deep knowledge base in the technology and putting the 3D Test Lab infrastructure into place.”

With the cooperation of the company’s 3D supply chain partners, the equipment at the new Testronic 3D Test Lab will include pre-release 3D players and monitors. The facility will thoroughly test Blu-ray discs for the entire 3D and 2D viewing experience to ensure quality for the consumer.

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