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THX to Stream HD 3D at NAB

THX Ltd. announced that it and its partners will showcase the world’s first live high-definition (HD) three-dimensional (3D) streaming demonstration using Microsoft Silverlight, THX Media Director and a complete THX Certified home theater system at the NAB Show 2010.

According to the statement, THX Media Director will be integrated with the 3D demonstration to enable home theater components to automatically configure and switch between 3D and two-dimensional (2D) playback settings as content is streamed live.

The NAB demo will take place at the Microsoft booth # SL220 and will also showcase the capabilities of Level 3′s global internet backbone, Silverlight and Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming and Inlet Technologies’ Spinnaker multi-screen real-time encoding solution. Film and TV production company, TVN GROUP, will provide live HD 3D content from its studio in Germany. The demo will show how content providers can use these technologies to capture and distribute 3D streaming content to TVs and other home entertainment devices.

“Microsoft has been on the forefront of game-changing entertainment technologies and we are pleased to team with them to integrate THX Media Director into Silverlight for this 3D streaming demonstration,” said Rick Dean, senior vice president at THX Ltd. and chairman of the 3D@Home Consortium. “THX Media Director simplifies the 3D experience, enabling TVs and other devices to select the appropriate playback settings automatically, letting users enjoy the benefits of 3D without constantly reaching for the remote control.”

The introduction of 3DTV brings with it new playback modes, user interfaces and an added layer of complexity for consumers. Using descriptors in the form of metadata, THX Media Director communicates 3D and 2D video processing, picture size, sound encoding and other critical information to home theater devices, enabling them to select the correct playback features automatically. This simplifies the user experience, allows CE brands to showcase signature 3D and 2D features, and assures content providers that the artistic look and feel is accurately represented on playback.

“Microsoft is pleased that THX has invested early in supporting Silverlight and the next-generation application development platform,” said Brian Goldfarb, director of the developer platform group at Microsoft Corp. “THX Media Director provides a seamless, high-quality viewing experience for both 2D and 3D entertainment.”

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