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Times Square to Experience 3D

The 3D Experience, LLC announced that it, in collaboration with The Hollywood Reporter, is readying the first annual “The 3D Experience” showcase in 3D digital cinema, gaming, and TV. It is to be held September 24, 25 and 26, 2010, throughout Times Square in New York City.

According to the statement, the event, free to the public, will include screenings of 3D Hollywood blockbusters, including one of the largest, outdoor 3D screenings ever. The 3-day bonanza features a huge “3D showroom” lit-up with 3D technology and products for the home including video games, Blu-ray Disc (BD) players, 3D HDTVs, all in a modern living-room like setting.

“Following on the record-smashing box office sales of 3D Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar and Up, filmmakers, theatres, consumer electronic manufacturers and video gaming companies are poised to re-define the entertainment market,” explains the showcase producer Nino Balistreri. “The beauty of The 3D Experience in Times Square is that no other event in the world brings together major Hollywood studios, theatres, game publishers, consumer electronics manufacturers and consumers. Our goal is to showcase the future of digital 3D and support the transition of this technology into theaters and into the homes of consumers.”

Balistreri expects attendance in excess of 75,000, including virtually every major industry player, avid consumers, and the attention of nearly 2 million in daily visitors to Times Square.

His team is inking sponsorships and locking up participation with dozens of different organizations including IMAX, National Geographic Entertainment and Technicolor, representing the best-in-industry leaders, studios, luminaries, companies, technology brands and products. Leadership programs will include visionary sessions, 3D experience exchanges, and collaborative possibilities. Numerous celebrities also will be engaged.

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