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Toshiba Europe Launches Blu-ray Players

Toshiba Europe announced its new BDX1200 and BDX3200 Blu-ray Disc (BD) players.

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Unedited press release follows:

Toshiba launches a new Blu-rayTM player range delivering a high-quality home cinema experience

The BDX1200 and BDX3200 offer Full HD Blu-rayTM playback with the BDX3200 also supporting 3D Blu-rayTM

Neuss, Germany, 5th April 2011 – Today, Toshiba Europe GmbH introduced its new Blu-ray™ player range offering two glossy-black standalone players – the BDX1200 and BDX3200. Toshiba’s new Blu-ray™ players give first-class performances; striking 1920x1080p resolution images are delivered rich in detail and clarity and accompanied by stunning sound to create a rich home cinema experience. The BDX3200 and the BDX1200 will be available from April 2011 in Europe.

3D for all: Toshiba BDX3200
The BDX3200 is the ideal 3D Blu-ray™ player for users looking to make their first move into a new dimension of home entertainment providing lifelike pictures. 3D Blu-ray™ Playback displays images that leap from the screen, while 7.1 channel Dolby® True HD audio provides a vibrant sound.

Toshiba REGZA-LINK® (HDMI CEC) technology allows users to control their Blu-ray™ player with the same remote as their HDMI CEC compatible TV or home entertainment system. BD Live™ (Profile 2.0) also provides access to a range of bonus content.

High-definition for all: Toshiba BDX1200
The BDX1200 is the ideal Blu-ray player for anyone looking for a high-definition home cinema experience. Full HD Blu-ray™ movie playback provides remarkably clear, crisp and vivid images, while Toshiba’s upscaling technology breathes new life into standard definition movies – taking content to near high-definition quality in near real-time. BD Live™ (Profile 2.0) compatibility also enables users to access interactive features such as bonus scenes, offering users an entertaining experience at the touch of a button.

Multiple formats supported for best-possible flexibility
The new Blu-ray™ player range is absolutely flexible, allowing users to enjoy contents in a number of different ways via various platforms. They offer broad format support that allows users to enjoy MKV, DivX, JPEG and MP3 playback directly from USB memory sticks.

Important notes:
The BD-X3200 is designed to playback Blu-ray discs that comply with the 3D specifications of the Blu-ray Disc Association. It is not compatible with other 3D specifications. 3D capable display, 3D eyewear and High Speed HDMI cable (all sold separately) required for playback and viewing 3D content.

Neither product plays HD DVDs. For HD playback, Blu-ray discs with HD content are required. To play high-definition content, an HDCP-ready DVI or HDMI interface on your TV may be necessary. The performance of interactive and/or network features can vary depending on disc design and content, and may require a constant broadband internet connection. A firmware update may be necessary as well for some interactive and/or network features. Some features may require additional bandwidth.

When using BD-Live™, certain content and services may require a USB stick with at least 1GB storage capacity to be inserted in the player’s USB port. BD-Live content and services are provided by third-party suppliers and may be subject to change without notice. Toshiba makes no warranties, statements or assurances with regard to the content, availability or functionality of third-party content or services.

MKV (Matroska Video Container) is an open standard free container format, a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio and subtitle tracks inside a single file. Both products are able to support only a fraction of all video, audio and subtitles formats which could be used to create a MKV file. Please refer to the owner’s manual for the list of formats supported.

As Blu-ray is a format that uses new technologies and a specific type of data storage medium, problems with the digital connection, compatibility and/or performance are possible. If you experience problems of this sort, please see for further information on the availability of firmware updates that might solve your problem, or contact the Toshiba Service Hotline.

Some features will become available with some delay. A 1080p-ready TV is required to play back 1080p content. The Deep Colour feature as specified by HDMI 1.3a requires a compatible Deep-Colour-capable HD display and/or device.

The use of REGZA-LINK®, a feature based on HDMI-CEC, requires an HDMI-CEC-compatible TV set. Depending on the specifications of your TV set, some or all of the REGZA-LINK® functions may not work – even if your TV is HDMI-CEC-compatible.

Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information at the time of publication, the product specifications, configurations and the availability of systems/components/options described here are subject to change without notice.

About Toshiba Europe GmbH
Toshiba Europe GmbH (TEG) is a fully owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, Tokyo, a global corporation with more than 130 years of company history. Toshiba is a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology, a diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products spanning information & communications systems; digital consumer products; electronic devices and components; power systems, including nuclear energy; industrial and social infrastructure systems; and home appliances.

Facts & Figures
• 1080p Full HD
• 3D Blu-ray™ playback
• Dolby® True HD
• BD Live™ (Profile 2.0)
• MKV, DivX, MP3, JPEG Playback

• 1080p Full HD
• Dolby® True HD
• BD Live™ (Profile 2.0)
• MKV, DivX, MP3, JPEG Playback