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Toshiba Launches REGZA WL768 Series 3D HDTVs

Toshiba UK announced its new REGZA WL series, the company’s first range of 3D enabled LED TVs.

According to the statement, available in 102cm (40″), 117cm (46″), and 140cm (55″) sizes, the new REGZA WL768 models are equipped with full 1920x1080p HD panels with LED Edge backlighting and offer 3D viewing, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and applications for YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

The REGZA WL Series will be available in October 2010.

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Unedited press release follows:

REGZA goes 3D – Toshiba launches the stunning new REGZA WL768 series

First Toshiba 3D enabled LED TV series incorporates premium Intelligent 3D and 3D Resolution+

Fully connected models feature Wi-Fi with online video applications

Designed in collaboration with JACOB JENSEN DESIGN

London, UK, 2nd September 2010 – Toshiba UK today announced the arrival of the new REGZA WL series – the company’s first-ever range of 3D enabled LED TVs. Launched to coincide with the availability of commercial 3D TV content in the UK, the range has been designed to offer the very best home cinema experience, with premium Toshiba features providing advanced 3D viewing.

Available in 102cm (40”), 117cm (46”), and 140cm (55”) sizes, the new REGZA WL768 series expands the horizons of home entertainment. Viewers can enjoy broadcast content in incredible 3D, while new Blu-ray 3D™ players provide the ability to enjoy films in a completely new way. Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and applications for YouTube™ and BBC iPlayer provide an expanded range of content for users to enjoy, and all models also feature a stunning exterior designed in collaboration with Danish designers JACOB JENSEN DESIGN – offering unrivalled style to complement advanced performance.

Excellent picture quality in 3D and 2D mode
All REGZA WL768 models feature a full 1920x1080p HD panel with LED Edge backlighting. The LED display provides excellent 3D picture quality, with a high dynamic contrast ratio of 7,000,000:1 accurately displaying everything from bright whites to deep blacks. Powered by Toshiba’s MetaBrain engine, each model also features a range of advanced Toshiba picture enhancement technologies, including new and enhanced Resolution+ and Active Vision M200HD Pro picture processing.

The 200Hz refresh rate provided by Active Vision M200HD Pro enables smooth, judder-free motion during fast-moving pictures, and also offers the fast response time required to achieve an adequate separation of pictures reaching the left and right eye. A range of new and innovative Toshiba technologies have also been integrated to achieve the highest possible picture quality across all sources, including 3D, delivering an outstanding home cinema experience. The REGZA WL768 series includes:

• Active shutter technology: The new REGZA WL768 series uses active shutter technology to maintain Full HD picture quality when switched to 3D mode. Each model in tandem with a pair of compatible Toshiba 3D active shutter glasses, synchronises with the TV’s refresh rate via an IR emitter, integrated within the TV chassis.

• Intelligent 3D: Compensating for common effects of using active shutter glasses, including loss of brightness due to the alternate darkening of the viewer’s eyes and the change in colour contrast, all REGZA WL768 models feature Toshiba’s Intelligent 3D technology. Intelligent 3D automatically optimises the TV screen’s brightness and colour reproduction as soon as it detects a 3D signal.

• 3D Resolution+: To provide advanced playback of 3D TV broadcasts, Toshiba has further refined its Resolution+ picture enhancement technology. Due to limited broadcast bandwidth; 3D content is most likely to be broadcast in a ‘side-by-side’ format, using a single 1080p frame to transmit pictures for left and right eyes side-by-side – resulting in lower resolution and perceived sharpness than is possible from a Blu-ray 3D™ disc. By using complex algorithms, new 3D Resolution+ analyses each single image and improves edge detail and texture in near-real time, generating a 3D image at near Full HD quality from a side-by-side input signal. The result is a sharper, more detailed and enhanced 3D TV experience.

The complete REGZA WL series also features an integrated DVB-T2 tuner as standard, allowing users to access Freeview HD broadcasts out of the box1.

Designed in collaboration with JACOB JENSEN DESIGN
Working in collaboration with JACOB JENSEN DESIGN, Toshiba has created a modern, elegant, timeless, super-slim design (only 2.89cm thick), offering a harmonious blend of high-quality materials such as glass and metal. The slimness of the chassis, combined with the frameless glass front creates an incredible design, with a highly stylish gloss black bezel that features a gradual fade to silver on the outer edge. Furthermore, instead of integrating buttons on the side, the REGZA WL series models are controlled via a touch control panel integrated into the glass front, lighting up when touched to reveal a row of controls.

Flexible connectivity, with online video access
The REGZA WL series also offers advanced connectivity, providing enhanced flexibility and expanding the content that users can access. Each model offers four HDMI inputs and two USB inputs supporting JPEG and MP3 audio playback, whilst integrated Wi-Fi connectivity also allows users to access internet-hosted content, with applications for BBC iPlayer and YouTube™ integrated as standard.

The latest programmes on BBC iPlayer can be accessed by wirelessly connecting any of the REGZA WL series models to the internet. An intuitive user interface designed for TV use makes it simple to browse and select content, allowing the whole family to access their favourite BBC programmes on demand – including selected broadcasts in HD – and in big-screen comfort, without having to leave the sofa.

Access to YouTube™ is also provided by an application custom-designed for TV use, allowing users to search and view content quickly and easily using just a remote control. The intuitive interface makes it easy for viewers to find content, with users also able to switch back to the traditional view if they wish to search using a keyboard and mouse.

Owners of REGZA WL series TVs will also be able to connect to their home network, allowing instant sharing of digital content between Windows 7 certified devices. Music, video and images can be easily sent from laptops and media servers to REGZA WL series TVs using the Toshiba Media Controller, which features a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easier than ever to stream content to other PCs and compatible AV devices within a home network.

First-class images, first-class audio
The impressive visual 3D experience offered by the REGZA WL768 series is perfectly complemented by full and vivid sound provided by powerful integrated speakers. Bass reproduction is enhanced by integrated subwoofer with an output of 10 Watts in 102cm (40”), 117cm (46”) sizes, and 20 Watts in the 55’’ model. An Audyssey EQ™ equalizing system also compensates for acoustic irritations caused by dominant or under-represented frequencies and delivers a vibrant and well-balanced sound across the whole listening area.

The REGZA WL series also offers rich, immersive audio to enhance the 3D experience, featuring Dolby Volume and Toshiba SoundNavi technology. Dolby Volume keeps volume levels consistent across all channel and audio sources, while SoundNavi technology provides stronger sound projection for wall-mounted sets, powerfully directing audio to the nearest hard surface and amplify sound in the same way as freestanding TVs.

The REGZA WL Series will be available from October 2010.

• Toshiba REGZA WL series – feature list:
• 102cm (40”), 117cm (46”), 139cm (55”) screen sizes
• Full HD 16:9 LCD panel with Edge LED backlight, 1920 x 1080 pixels, dynamic contrast 7.000.000:1
• 3D Full HD (1920x1080p)
• 1x Active shutter glasses included, IR receiver embedded in the device
• MetaBrain processor
• 3D Resolution+, Intelligent
• 3D AutoView
• Home Network
• Wireless LAN
• 4x HDMI®, 2x USB (supporting DivX HD, MKV, JPEG, MP3), 1xScart(FUll),1xScart (AV input), Component Video, Composite Video, CI+
• REGZA-Link (HDMI CEC), Instaport
• Freeview HD
• SoundNavi, Audyssey EQ™, Dolby® Volume
• Eco Panel
• Resolution+

Important notes

Viewing 3D programming requires the following:
• Compatible Toshiba 3D Glasses. (One pair included per TV set.)
• Compatible 3D playback device or 3D source. (Not included with the TV set.)
• HDMI cable (Not included with the TV set)

Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information at the time of publication, the product specifications, configurations and the availability of systems/components/options described here are subject to change without notice.

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