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Trace Offers Kodak PCD Writer 200 CD Recorder

Trace Mountain Products announced that it is now selling Eastman Kodak’s PCD Writer 200 CD recorder.

Unedited press release follows:


SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 3 — Trace today announced the addition of the Kodak PCD 200 CD Recorder to its CD-ROM product line. “After careful evaluation of the market requirements, Trace selected the PCD 200 as a strategic component for low volume CD duplication,” said Matthew Leek, marketing manager for Trace’s CD-ROM division.

Windows-based disComposer allows you to create ISO 9660 CD-ROM, CD-Digital Audio and Mixed Mode disks on your desktop. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop approach to creating a compact disc, disComposer significantly improves a developer’s ability to quickly and easily identify files and directories, create a virtual CD image, and control exact audio file placement with frame accuracy.

“In conjunction with Trace’s disComposer(TM) premastering software, the PCD 200 provides a cost effective solution for production of one-off CD-R discs,” said Leek. “And to introduce software developers to disComposer and the PCD 200, we are offering a special promotional price of $6,595 for the PCD 200 with disComposer software.”

disComposer and the PCD 200 recorder together provide a sophisticated premastering solution at an economical price. The suggested list price for disComposer software is $1,995. Contact Trace at 408-437-3380 or 800-872-2318 for more information on disComposer, the PCD 200 and other Trace CD-ROM products.