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Trace Ships disComposer CD Premastering Software

Trace Mountain Products announced that it is shipping its new disComposer CD premastering software for Windows.

Unedited press release follows:


SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 10 — Trace today announced the completion of the first full month of shipments of their disComposer(TM) Windows-based premastering software. “disComposer has been an unprecedented success for our business unit,” said Matthew Leek, marketing manager for Trace.

Working with a File Manager approach, disComposer allows users to select files and directories and specify their exact order and location on a compact disc. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop approach to creating a compact disc, disComposer software significantly improves a developer’s ability to quickly and easily identify files and directories, create a virtual CD image, and control exact audio file placement with frame accuracy.

“We are looking forward to demonstrating disComposer’s full feature set at our worldwide user group meeting later this month in Northern California. Many of our existing duplication service customers are planning to offer premastering services to their clients,” said Leek. “disComposer really makes it simple for anyone to make ISO 9660 CD-ROM, Mixed Mode or audio discs.”

For more information on disComposer or any of Trace’s CD products, call 408-437-3375, or fax 408-437-3393.