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Trailer Park Advanced Content Group to Host 3D Event

Trailer Park announced that its Advanced Content Group (TPAC) will host iHollywood Forum’s presentation entitled “3D: Behind the Hype,” from 6-9 PM at Trailer Park’s offices in Hollywood on Feb. 18th, 2010.

According to the statement, the event is being promoted as follows: “CES was awash with 3D announcements from consumer electronics companies, networks and studios. But how realistic are projections for the expansion of 3D into mainstream films and the home? Is “Avatar’s” success a flash in the pan, or a harbinger of the future of filmmaking? A panel of top studio and technology executives separates hype from reality, in the first iHollywood Forum evening event of the year.”

TPAC recently announced that it is now open for business in the 3D on Blu-ray Disc space. Curt Doty, Executive Vice President of Trailer Park’s Advanced Content Group, will open the Feb. 18th event. TPAC has been collaborating with Panasonic Hollywood Labs in developing production guidelines for the Blu-ray 3D specification, which was announced in early 2010 by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA).

Announced speakers for the event include:

Jason Brenek, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Digital Cinema and Cinema Programming, Walt Disney Co.

Lenny Lipton, President, Oculus3D; Inventor, Digital Stereoscopic Cinema

Rob Engle, 3D Visual Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Joe Alves, Director, “Jaws 3-D”

Charlotte Huggins, Producer, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”

Tony Jasionowski, Sr. Group Manager, Technology Liaison & Alliance Group, Panasonic Consumer Electronics

Moderator: Michael Stroud, Founder, iHollywood Forum

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