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TriDigital Lands CD Replication and Packaging Contract

TriDigital Solutions announced it has been chosen to replicate more than 300,000 CDs that will help a major entertainment and movie production company promote an upcoming movie release.

According to the statement, these CDs will be included as part of the consumer packaging for a well-known diaper company. Greg Phelps, National Sales Director for TriDigital Solutions, says that his company’s ability to meet fast turnaround, provide quality products and comply with FDA regulations were keys to being awarded this project. Due to a confidentiality agreement, the two prominent companies, both household brands, cannot be disclosed at this time.

“One of the CD packaging requirements we had to meet was that all inks had to be FDA approved because the promotion is packaged into pull-up diapers,” says Phelps. “The client is giving us approximately twelve days to manufacture, package, and ship this to the co-packer who will be bundling them with the diapers.” He adds that the promotion will appear in major retail outlets across the United States.

Phelps sees this contract as a good sign for his company and industry despite a struggling economy. “Landing a 320,000-piece CD run in a struggling economy is a sign of strength.” Phelps pointed out that this project was a result of a client referral. “They were happy with our work and knew that we had the ability to provide FDA approved inks which is important to companies that package CDs and DVDs in food or other FDA regulated consumer packaging.”

In addition to the initial order, another 200,000 units will be replicated in September. Phelps anticipates additional orders over the contract’s three-year term.

Phelps says that companies still see CDs and DVDs as a smart, more cost-effective way to educate a sales staff or reach a more targeted consumer audience. “In this case,” says Phelps, “the client is promoting a major studio release with an interactive game.”

This CD replication job comes on the heels of another contract recently won by TriDigital Solutions to manufacture, package, and mail 100,000 CDs per month for a minimum 10 months. Phelps says, “The CD mailers we print are a little different than many of the traditional 4-color disc mailers. Our clients can mail for the lowest machinable, presort standard postage rate, saving our client significant postage costs.”

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