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TrusCont Consortium Promotes Enhanced DVD-R

TrusCont announced that it has founded a consortium of companies to promote the use of its Enhanced DVD-R discs in the US and Canada.

According to the statement, TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R discs are an alternative to standard DVD media. They can be used for any general purpose (with standard DVD recorders and recording software) as well as for applications requiring software copy protection, content protection, password protection, printing protection, copy and paste protection, and time limits through the use of TrusCont DVD-R Protection Toolkit. The free software is available for either standard or professional use with commercial duplication systems.

Until recently, TrusCont’s Enhanced DVD-R was sold in the US as professional product available to duplication houses and publishers. In order to broaden its market to include small authors, publishers and software developers, as well as private consumers, TrusCont has teamed up with Falcon Technologies International (disc manufacturer), Media Distributors (disc distributor) and CoakleyTech LLC (document management services).

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