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TrusCont Offers Free DVD-ROM Security System

TrusCont Ltd. announced it is offering its new DVD-ROM security system free of charge and without commitments until June 15, 2010.

According to the statement, the new TrusCont DVD-ROM copy protection includes many advanced security features in addition to simply protecting the data against copying and illegal distribution. Publishers can enable or restrict specific actions such as printing and copy & paste on individual files. It is also possible to set global passwords on the discs or ‘on-access’ passwords on specific files. Publishers can even set expiration dates to make their content automatically expire and inaccessible after a specific date. Another special feature allows publishers to limit the use of the content to a specific number of computers or users. This feature also enables locking of data to a specific network domain which makes the data inaccessible on computers not connected to the specific network domain. Content owners that wish to protect confidential or other sensitive information can use it to make sure their discs are inaccessible outside their office building.

All these security features are currently available free of charge to new customers that have never used TrusCont products before. Publishers are welcome to utilize TrusCont DVD-ROM copy protection on unlimited number of titles and discs without paying a dime, and even get full technical support and customer service directly from TrusCont. Anyone that will choose to take advantage of this limited time special offer can do it without any commitments to continue using TrusCont products in the future.

Using TrusCont DVD-ROM copy protection is a simple do-it-yourself process. Publishers that wish to protect their discs need to register on TrusCont website and download the free DVD Protection Toolkit software. The software allows users to burn a Gold Master on a standard DVD-R disc, which can then be sent to a replication facility for mass production. Any replicator can process TrusCont protected Gold Masters using a free software utility available from TrusCont. There is no need for any special equipment or changes to production procedures. A List of authorized replicators already set to process TrusCont Gold Masters can be found on the TrusCont website.

“We have created a perfect opportunity to anyone that wants to try out our new security system,” says Eyal Cohen, Chief Executive of TrusCont. Cohen continues, “The same technology is also available with our TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R media and TrusCont Secure Flash Drives, allowing content owners to test the copy protection on one offs before proceeding to mass productions”.

Additional information on TrusCont DVD-ROM Copy Protection, Enhanced DVD-R and TrusCont Secure Flash Drives is available on TrusCont website. Interested parties are also welcome to contact TrusCont support team or any one of TrusCont representatives worldwide.

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