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TSST Optical Disc Drive Business Hits The Skids

Toshiba Corporation announced that Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea (TSST) has filed for corporate rehabilitation proceedings with the Seoul Central District Court.

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Unedited press release follows:

Notice of Start of Proceedings on Corporate Rehabilitation of Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation

May 12, 2016 — TOKYO — Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) has announced that Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea (TSST-K), a Korea-based subsidiary of Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST), following a May 11 decision by its board of directors, today filed for corporate rehabilitation proceedings with the Seoul Central District Court. TSST is a joint venture between Toshiba Corporation and Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Samsung), and a Toshiba Group company, with 50.1% of its outstanding shares held by Toshiba. Further details are as follow.

1. Background
TSST was established as a joint venture between Toshiba and Samsung, with the parent companies holding 51% and 49% of the company’s stock, respectively. TSST-K was subsequently established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of TSST, and engaged in the optical disc drive (ODD) business. As demand for ODD has fallen, resulting in a significant deterioration in TSST-K’s performance, Toshiba decided in March 2014 to withdraw from the ODD business, and to carry out a series of stock transactions that would transfer full ownership of TSST-K to Korea-based OPTIS Inc. (Optis), a manufacturing partner, by 2017.

Based on this agreement, 49.9% of TSST-K’s stock has been transferred to Optis. However, Optis’s management initiatives and efforts to rebuild the business have been undermined by deep declines in product demand and prices.

2. Total liabilities
TSST-K’s liabilities total approximately 9.0 billion yen.

3. Appraised value of equity
Toshiba recorded an impairment loss for TSST-K in FY2013, and the current book value of TSST-K’s stock is approximately 100,000 yen.

4. Impact on Toshiba’s performance
The company has recorded an allowance to its accounts receivable in respect of TSST-K of approximately 600 million yen (as of the end of March 2016). Toshiba does not hold any financial guarantees or other contractual obligations with regard to the liabilities of TSST-K, and TSST-K’s liabilities will have no financial impact on Toshiba.

5. Outline of TSST-K

(1) Company name

Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation

(2) Headquarters

Swon City, South Korea

(3) Name and Title of Representative

Juhyung Lee (President and CEO)

(4) Business Outline

Development and sales for optical disc drives, such as DVDs for PCs and computer equipment

(5) Capital Stock

10,728,565,000 won (approx. 1 billion yen)

(6) Establishment

April 1, 2004

(7) Shareholder composition

TSST 50.1%, Optis Inc 49.9%

(8) Relationship between Toshiba and TSST-K


TSST-K is Toshiba Corporation’s non-consolidated subsidiary


Toshiba Corporation’s employee concurrently serves as the board member


There are no direct business relationship between Toshiba Corporation and TSST-K

(9) Operating Performance and Financial Condition in the Last Three Fiscal Years (Won)

Fiscal years

FY2012 (Mar 2013)

FY2013 (Mar 2014)

FY2014 (Mar 2015)

Net Assets (Equity)




Total Assets




Shareholder’s Equity per Share




Net Sales




Operating Income (loss)




Recurring Profit




Net Income (loss)




Net Income (loss) per Share




Dividend per Share

6. Future Outlook
The court will announce its decision on corporate rehabilitation proceedings within a month from today’s date. Unless the court dismisses TSST-K’s filing, TSST-K’s management will then meet with its creditors and other interested parties and present the corporate rehabilitation plan.