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TV Internet Viewers Double Over Last Year

Altman Vilandrie & Company and Peanut Labs announced that, according to their latest survey, the number of people who watch broadcast TV programming on the Internet has doubled in the last year.

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Unedited press release follows:

New study shows TV Internet viewers have doubled since last year

Survey by Altman Vilandrie & Co. and Peanut Labs shows cable and satellite companies can use new technologies to attract consumers

BOSTON–The number of people who watch broadcast TV programming on the Internet has doubled in the last year, according to a new survey by Altman Vilandrie & Company and Peanut Labs. Despite this growth, clear opportunities exist for cable and satellite providers to grow through smart integration of new technologies like mobile and 3D video, the study found.

“While the study shows the rumblings of seismic shift in consumer video preferences, there are clear opportunities for cable and satellite providers to differentiate versus online video alternatives,” said Altman Vilandrie & Company Director Jonathan Hurd, who oversaw the research and analysis. “Providers that can be nimble in adopting mobile video, 3D and other innovations will stem potential defections, especially among younger consumers.”

The survey also found:

* Broadcast TV viewing is age-related, with only 42% of 18-34 year olds watching TV shows daily during their normal broadcast time, versus 60% of those 35 and older.

* 16% of 18-34 year olds watch full TV broadcast episodes on the Internet daily, versus only 6% of those 35 and older. Overall, 10% of survey respondents say they watch full TV episodes on the Internet daily versus only 5% in a similar 2009 study.

* More online TV watching has not yet translated into cord-cutting – only 3% of 18-34 year olds have cancelled their cable service. However, 25% of 18-34 year olds “have seriously considered dropping my subscription TV service because Internet video services meet most of my needs.”

* Despite Internet video viewing and potential cord-cutting, younger segments prefer HD just as much as other segments. Spending level on TV service is a significant driver of HD interest with the highest-spending segment being twice as likely to say they are “tremendously” bothered by a lack of HD, than as the lowest-spending segment.

* Interest in 3D is high across all segments. Of those who have seen movies in 3D, 34% agree that 3D is “significantly better,” and more than 50% plan to purchase a 3D-capable TV set in the next three years.

* Mobile video usage has grown significantly since 2009, with 13% of 18-34 year olds viewing video on a mobile phone daily versus 5% in 2009.

The survey also used discrete choice analysis to measure consumers’ relative interest in payment for service or watching more advertising during their programming. Altman Vilandrie & Company will use the survey results to explore online video optimal pricing models for its clients

The full research study provides insight into additional areas such as:

* subscription TV, Internet video, and mobile video usage by age segment, living situation, and spending level;

* device ownership for key technologies such as HDTVs, video-enabled mobile handsets, tablets, and DVRs; and

* subscription video service features importance vs. satisfaction across a variety of metrics.

Peanut Labs conducted the online survey of more than 1000 consumers in July. For details about further research topics and more information about the study, contact Jonathan Hurd (

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About Peanut Labs
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