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TV Viewers Rely on Interactive Program Guides

Rovi Corporation announced its latest statistics suggest that television viewers continue to rely heavily upon interactive program guides.

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Rovi Set-Top Box Data Reveals Continued Consumer Reliance on Interactive Program Guide

Networks Leveraging High Frequency and Time Spent In TV Listings Grid to Increase Show Awareness, Live Viewership, and Overall Share through Advanced Interactive Program Guide Ad Campaigns

BOSTON, Mass. (THE CABLE SHOW – Booth: 1133), May 22, 2012 – 5/22/2012 – Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI) today released its latest statistics on consumer engagement with Interactive Programming Guides (IPG). Rovi’s set-top-box data from a sample of the millions of devices running Rovi IPG products and technologies revealed that 94% of homes now visit the TV listings grid on a weekly basis. The report also found that on average Guide users visit the TV listings grid 15 times daily and interact with it for a combined total of 16 minutes. In addition, usage statistics uncovered that approximately one third of all TV viewing time is a result of choices made from the guide.

Through the Rovi Advertising Network, which provides advanced advertising opportunities across TV and video platforms, Rovi is helping Networks and Programmers deliver campaigns within IPGs that are successfully reaching viewers when they are most receptive. For example, a Network recently executed a campaign to drive tune-in to a prime-time premiere event by running ads within the Guide approximately 1 hour prior to airtime. Rovi tracking estimated that the campaign banner generated a 75% incremental lift in overall viewership from viewers who were in the guide during the hour. In addition to driving viewership with ad placements running shortly prior to airtime, Networks are using Guide advertising to drive sampling days prior to a show air date. Based on set-top tracking, in one instance the featured program saw viewer increases of 62% over prior show premiers with a campaign that featured optimized banner ads linking to video trailers prior to air, combined with Watch Now direct tune-in capabilities at time of airing.

“The latest usage figures underline the importance of the Guide in helping consumers search and discover great TV entertainment,” said Jeff Siegel, senior vice president, Worldwide Advertising, Rovi Corporation. “Through the Rovi Advertising Network, we’ve been able to allow Networks to tap into this uncluttered environment, stand out from the broad range of content choices now available to consumers, and engage a receptive audience while they are in decision-making mode. With the recent advances we’ve made to the Ad Network we can provide the scale, measurement, and engagement that entertainment Programmers, as well as conventional brands, need to deliver targeted, highly customized TV campaigns with far greater accountability.”

The Rovi Advertising Network targets advertisers, agencies and brand marketers, and provides highly scalable, measurable, and interactive TV advertising options that are tightly integrated into consumers’ entertainment search and discovery experience. Used by leading brands including BT, Carnival, Channel 4, Ladbrokes, Red Bull TV, and Twentieth Century Fox, the Rovi Advertising Network enables marketers to reach millions of TV viewers across the many platforms that comprise the TV entertainment experience today such as set-top boxes and a broad range of connected TVs and Blu-ray® Disc players including new and in-market models from Samsung and Sony, as well as new device shipments from Panasonic and Toshiba.

About Rovi Corporation
Rovi Corporation is focused on revolutionizing the digital entertainment landscape by delivering solutions that enable consumers to intuitively connect to new entertainment from many sources and locations. The company also provides extensive entertainment discovery solutions for television, movies, music and photos to its customers in the consumer electronics, cable and satellite, entertainment and online distribution markets. These solutions, complemented by industry leading entertainment data, create the connections between people and technology, and enable them to discover and manage entertainment in an enjoyable form.

Rovi holds approximately 5,100 issued or pending patents worldwide and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with numerous offices across the United States and around the world including Japan, China, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom. More information about Rovi can be found at