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Two-Thirds of US Households Own HDTVs

Opinion Research Corporation (ORC), an Infogroup company, announced the results of its new study examining US consumer awareness of and usage habits with technologies including high definition television (HDTV) and 3D TV.

According to the statement, nearly two-thirds (62%) of households now have an HDTV in their home and another 12% are looking to purchase one within the next two years. This brings the potential market penetration to nearly three out of four households. In addition, Sony was identified as the HDTV brand most synonymous with high quality (43%), followed by Samsung (11%), Panasonic (5%), Vizio (4%), Phillips and LG (3%), Toshiba, RCA and Sharp (2%), and Magnavox, Mitsubishi, JVC and Zenith (1%).

“As movie studios, cable and satellite operators, and broadcast networks offer more and more high definition programming, consumers are responding by upgrading to high-definition televisions,” said Manuel Flores, Vice President and Director of ORC’s Technology Market Insights Practice. “While purchase intention over the next 24 months looks promising, the economy remains a major hurdle to sustainable growth,” he said. “However, manufacturers must continually introduce new products to attract new customers.”

“At the recent Consumer Electronics (CES) show in Las Vegas, one of the technologies generating the most buzz was 3D TV for the home,” said Robert Clark, Senior Vice President of ORC’s Technology Market Insights Practice. “The awareness building hurdle for this technology may quickly be overcome in the wake of the latest blockbuster Avatar, along with 3D programming to be offered by ESPN and other networks. In addition, there are numerous blogs and articles now dedicated to the subject,” Clark said. “The net result is awareness levels at fully 60% for a technology that has yet to be advertised and distributed to the mass market.”

Despite high awareness levels, however, only five percent currently have plans to buy a 3D TV within the next two years, posing a potential challenge to marketers, according to the statement.

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