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Ubiquity Captures Surfing Event in 3D

Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation announced that it filmed The Da Hui Backdoor Shootout surfing event in 3D.

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Unedited press release follows:

Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation Makes History and Captures Highly Sought After 3D Footage at The Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Presented by Sponsor Me at Pipeline

Company Continues to Push the Envelope in its Latest 3D Endeavor

HONOLULU, Jan. 11, 2011 — Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation has captured some of the most incredible 3D footage that anyone has seen to date from The Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Presented by Sponsor Me, which ran January 3-5, 2011. The Backdoor Shootout was filmed in digital 3D by Ubiquity’s award-winning crew led by famous IMAX 3D filmmaker Mike Prickett. The 3D footage was captured at perhaps the world’s most famous surfing location, the Banzai Pipeline. Ubiquity plans to distribute the 3D content captured at the Backdoor Shootout to 3D networks, theatres, and to the production of DVDs.

IMAX filmmaker Mike Prickett said of the waves at the contest, “These were epic waves. This is the first time in history a 3D camera and crew has been used in big pipeline, both in the water and on the land to film. We have insane angles of surf in 3D that no one has.” Winner of the contest, 18 year old John John Florence of Vans from the Northshore of Hawaii said, “(The waves) today are something special.” Chris Carmichael, CEO of Ubiquity, said, “The 3D footage captured today will give every surfer and spectator the one of a kind experience of surfing Pipeline in epic conditions.”

Just this week a new television network featuring 24-7 three-dimensional content has been announced. The new 3D network is in the works with Discovery Communications, owners of the Discovery Channel and its family of networks, Sony, and IMAX. Discovery will pool resources with Sony Corporation and IMAX Corporation in a joint venture, with a launch date in the U.S. sometime in 2011.

Along with Sony, Discovery Communications, and IMAX, many other networks are starting to prepare for 3D content. Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks is also launching his own 3D network.

Steve Jacobs, former Vice President of Sony and current Ubiquity board member, says, “We think 3D will become a new standard in the marketplace.”

CEO of Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation Chris Carmichael said, “There are currently very few 3D options for content. 3D networks are craving quality digital 3D content. We have positioned our company to be one of the premier 3D options in the Action Sports arena.”

Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation is armed with the latest in 3D technology and equipment developed by Ubiquity and Mike Prickett. The patent-pending hi-speed 35mm 3D camera is the first of its kind, and is beginning to revolutionize the 3D industry. Ubiquity’s and Prickett’s 3D camera provide cutting edge technology that aligns the eye position of a stereographic camera in real time, has high res 3D zoom lenses, and integrated digital processing. The 3D camera processes images from each camera eye in a full 35mm frame at 200 frames per second, making it the fastest 3D camera out there.

The most sought after 3D content is from genres that are most appealing in 3D, including natural history, mother nature, space, sports, adventure, science and technology, motion pictures and children’s programming. Ubiquity’s 3D content from the Backdoor Shootout is appealing to two of the biggest audiences in television, Sports and Nature.

George Bodenheimer, co-chairman of Disney Media Networks and president of ESPN and ABC Sports, stated: “ESPN 3D marries great content with new technology to enhance the fan’s viewing experience, and puts ESPN at the forefront of the next big advance for TV viewing.”

Ubiquity’s high quality digital 3D content from Pipeline will be extremely sought after. The footage from the Backdoor Shootout features pristine conditions at pipeline, a sunny sky, beautiful blue waves, amazing clarity, and huge waves. Carmichael added, “Mother Nature dealt its most powerful and beautiful hand at Pipeline for our history-making 3D shoot.”

Ubiquity’s award winning 3D team and advanced technology have allowed the company to emerge as one of the best options for 3D content. Ubiquity currently owns patents in 3D technology and has filed for patents in 3D technology and methodology. Ubiquity now sets it sights on the Sony Open and Sony’s 3D broadcast of the live golf event.


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