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Ultra HD and 3D Video on the Horizon

In-Stat announced that as High-Definition (HD) video has hit its stride worldwide, the TV and film industry are now looking ahead to 3D TV and Ultra High Definition (UHD).

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Ultra-HD Video and 3D Video on the Horizon, In-Stat Says

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Feb 03, 2010 As High-Definition (HD) video has hit its stride worldwide, the TV and film industry are looking ahead to the next new thing. 3D TV and Ultra-HD (UHD) are on the horizon, according to market research firm, In-Stat (

3D video is already out of the gate, with growing proliferation of 3D films in theaters. Pay TV operators are in the early stages of deploying 3D TV capability. Early 3D TVs and 3D Blu-ray players will ship in 2010. In-Stat projects worldwide 3D TV shipments will reach 41 million in 2014. 3D Blu-ray player shipments will track closely with 3D TVs.

UHD will take considerably longer to roll out, but has started to garner interest and discussion among long-term planners in the TV, film and technology industries. In-Stat believes the first UHD broadcasts will start around 2017. UHD TVs will reach about 5% household penetration in some regional markets in the early 2020s. Technology companies and equipment manufacturers will need to have solutions available ahead of time to support the long term opportunity.

In-Stat’s UHD research is provided in our “The Market Opportunity for Ultra-High Definition Video” (#IN0904468MBS) report. It includes comprehensive analysis and long-term forecasts of the UHD opportunity.

In-Stat’s 3D TV research, “3D TV Coming Soon to a Home Near You” (#IN0904469MBS), includes comprehensive analysis and forecasts of the 3D TV market.

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