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Vanguard Releases MVC CODEC for 3D Video

Vanguard Software Solutions, Inc. announced it will showcase its latest H.264 technology at the NAB 2010 trade show in Las Vegas.

According to the statement, this includes:

•    AVC-I FPGA Encoder capable of 1080p60 at up to 300Mbps
•    MVC support for 3D video coding in Broadcast, Internet and Blu-ray Authoring
•    ParallelStream architecture for multi-bitrate adaptive streaming applications
•    Live and VOD AVC Encoder framework for Wowza Cloud Server
•    AVC SDK Enchantments: 64bit OS, 10bit Sampling, Long GOP

“Our AVC-I encoder has very low latency and can support verity of frame rate, bitrate and resolution settings,” said Vice President of VSOFTS, Felix Nemirovsky. “While we support AVC-Intra class50 and class100 interoperability, our encoder can be used for any type of High Value Content acquisition, editing and archiving. We are proud to be the first on the market to offer a low latency 1080p60, 10bit encode of up to 300Mbps for real-time editing. VSOFTS’ AVC-I encoder offers an excellent solution for both portable broadcast recording and transmitting high-value content for remote archiving.”

“MVC importance for 3D encoding can’t be overstated. 3D TV Manufacturers, 3D Internet, Cable and Satellite Service providers and 3D Movie makers for Theatres and Blu-ray discs will need our Multi-View AVC coding tools which include MVC and BDA’s 3DBD compliant encoders to deliver content.

“We are a well known and respected h.264 CODEC supplier in the Broadcast industry. The latest innovations and enhancements we’ve made were in response to our Broadcast customer requirements and the overall Market trends. It is our ability to deliver a commercial realization on-time that establishes us as an h.264 CODEC leader,” said VSOFTS President, Dr. Irena Terterov.

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