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Vanguard Video Readies H.265/HEVC Codec SDK

Vanguard Video announced that it will release version 2.0 of its professional H.265/HEVC software codec later this summer.

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Unedited press release follows:

Vanguard Video Announces the Release of Its Next Generation Professional H.265/HEVC Codec SDK

PALO ALTO, Calif.– Vanguard Video, the leader in commercial deployments of H.265/HEVC video compression technology, will release version 2.0 of their professional software codec, V.265, later this summer. V.265 v2.0 significantly improves parallelization and adds support for multi-socket systems, making it possible to achieve unparalleled high quality real-time 4K/UltraHD encoding. In addition, V.265 v2.0’s redesigned speed modes offer superior performance/quality balance, providing the flexibility of offline encoding as well as real-time encoding with a single encoder SDK.

V.265 v2.0 is the successor to the world’s first fully compliant encoder and decoder based on the latest ratified draft of the H.265/HEVC international standard for video compression.

“Through our early deployments of high quality offline encoding, we have positioned ourselves as the market leader in providing H.265/HEVC encoding solutions,” said Raul Diaz, CEO of Vanguard Video. “With v2.0, we are excited to expand that market leadership by supplying a high quality, real-time HEVC technology to top tier companies around the world.”

Vanguard Video’s V.265 v2.0 is one of the most robust H.265/HEVC codec SDK in the market, featuring:

1. Fine-grain Speed/Quality tradeoff
• Achieve real-time encoding at noticeably higher quality

2. Advanced Rate Control and Complexity Analysis
• Support for bit rate and frame rate changes “on-the-fly”

3. Patented Motion Estimation
• Expanded for high motion content

4. Scalable parallelization
• Increased multithreading and multi-socket support

5. Adaptive GOP support

6. Advanced Algorithms for Banding Reduction and Film-grain preservation
• Optional flags for improving quality in traditionally complex content

V.265 v2.0 is one of the first codec SDK’s to offer a complete offline and real-time solution. It is available today for beta evaluation with full production scheduled for August.

About Vanguard Video
Founded in 1995, Vanguard Video is a supplier of professional, broadcast quality H.265/HEVC and H.264 codec SDKs to top tier customers around the world. Vanguard Video offers unparalleled video compression technology for various industry markets including device and handset manufacturers, mobile platform providers, manufacturers of professional broadcast equipment, application service providers, network operators, software and services integrators, and cloud streaming services. Vanguard Video codecs support a wide range of platforms including software implementations for x86 and ARM microprocessors, OpenCL acceleration for GPUs, and IP Cores for FPGA devices. To learn more about V.265 or other Vanguard Video technologies visit our website: