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VDC Group Purchases Singulus Blu-ray Replication Line and Mastering System

Singulus Technologies AG announced that it sold one of its BLULINE II Blu-ray Disc (BD) production lines, along with a CRYSTALLINE mastering system from its Singulus Mastering subsidiary, to VDC Group in the UK.

According to the statement, the BLULINE II is designed for the economical production of prerecorded (BD-ROM) 25 GB single-layer (SL) and 50 GB dual-layer (DL) discs according to the specifications issued by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). All production steps from moulding, cooling, metalizing, wet-embossing, lacquering and UV curing to quality inspection are incorporated in the BLULINE II.

The CRYSTALLINE system employs a quad level solid state laser diode (405 nm) and the Phase Transition Mastering (PTM) process to master up to 14 BDs or 75 DVDs per day.

Mr. Sanjay Mohindra, Managing Director of VDC Group: “Expanding our production facilities and stepping into the Blu-ray market, we will support our overall goal to facilitate our customers’ requirements by being up to date and ready for Blu-ray and the coming 3D business, ensuring cost effectiveness and the improvement of our turnaround times. The reliable and high quality systems from SINGULUS ensure that we can remain flexible in our manufacturing, as we need to be continuously changing and developing new ideas to meet our customers’ needs.”

VDC Group is an independent optical disc manufacturer in the UK, operating from 30,000 sq foot replication and distribution plant in Park Royal and Wembley, London.

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