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Verbatim Launches 32x Ultra Speed+ CD-RW Discs

Verbatim Corporation announced its new 32x Ultra Speed+ CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) discs.

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Unedited press release follows:

Verbatim Announces Industry’s First 32x Ultra Speed+ CD-RW Discs

SAN JOSE, CA (September 9, 2003) – Verbatim® Corporation announced today the industry’s first 32x Ultra Speed + CD-RW discs. With the ability to write and rewrite at speeds of up to 4.8MB/sec—the industry’s highest rewriting speed—users can burn a 10MB file in about 2 seconds. Fully compliant with the latest release of Orange Book Part III Volume 3 Version 1.1, Verbatim DataLifePlus® Ultra Speed + 32x CD-RW discs have been tested and qualified by leading 32x drive manufacturers. Verbatim will begin shipping the premium-quality 32x CD-RW discs in October.

The development of two revolutionary technologies—Advanced Super Eutectic Recording Layer (Advanced-SERL™) and a new recording method—paved the way for Verbatim to become the first and only manufacturer currently capable of providing Ultra Speed + 32x CD-RW media. The new write method and Advanced SERL, a patented recording layer technology, were both developed by Verbatim’s parent company, Mitsubishi® Chemical Corporation (MCC).

Advanced-SERL technology which was originally developed for Verbatim’s DataLifePlus 24x Ultra Speed CD-RW media, ensures high reliability and durability at 32x write speed. It also overcomes the difficulties in CD-RW re-writing to ensure sufficient erasability at high speeds, reduction of media noise during erase/rewrite cycles, and a long archival life.

To achieve the industry’s highest re-write speed, Verbatim’s premium-quality 32x CD-RW discs incorporate a new writing method called the 2T Writing Strategy, which was also originally developed for Verbatim’s 24x CD-RW media. The new writing method was required because at 24x and 32x recording speeds, conventional recording technology cannot generate enough “cooling time” for creating stable amorphous marks. Verbatim’s 2T Writing Strategy overcomes this issue to provide stability of the recorded mark as well as supporting quality high-speed erasure.

The latest release of Orange Book Part III Volume 3 Version 1.1 details the specifications for Ultra Speed + CD-RW media. The discs, which can only be recorded and erased by 32x drives carrying the Ultra Speed + CDRW logo, provide backward read compatibility with legacy multi-read CD/DVD-ROM drives, 2x-4x drives, 10x-12x, and 16x-24x drives.

With the ability to support both CAV and P-CAV recording at 32x speeds, Verbatim’s new Ultra Speed + 32x CD-RW discs are the best solution for use with new Mt. Rainier-compliant CD-RW burners. The discs provide superior performance for random access applications such as data storage, backups and archiving that require high-speed recording in the CAV mode.

Verbatim DataLifePlus 32x CD-RW media delivers superior overwrite performance and an archival life of more than 30 years, making it a cost-effective storage solution for a wide range of applications. To ensure the broadest compatibility with Ultra Speed + CD-RW drives, Verbatim provides its 32x CD-RW discs to leading Ultra Speed + CD-RW drive manufacturers for high-speed testing.

Pricing, Availability
Verbatim DataLifePlus 32x CD-RW singles and multi-packs will be available in October through retailers, Internet resellers and distributors for an expected street price of $1.99 per disc. Verbatim backs the quality of its complete line of DataLifePlus media with a lifetime warranty.