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Verity UK Launches Anti-Piracy DVD Duplicators

Verity Systems announced that it has released its Lightning Anti-Piracy DVD duplicators, featuring copy protection software to help to prevent unauthorized disc reproduction.

According to the statement, the copy protection software embeds protection onto the user’s master. The protected master can then be transferred to the Lightning Anti-Piracy duplicator via the USB connection and further copies of that master will be copy protected. Each Lightning Anti-Piracy duplicator comes with 5 free licenses. The user will utilize one license for every master they embed with copy protection. The user can then create as many protected copies of that master as they require for no additional fees. Additional licenses are available to purchase.

Verity’s Lightning Anti-Piracy duplicators are currently available with 3 or 11 target drives. Prices start at £449/€525 for a 1:3 drive duplicator.

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