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VESA Authorizes New DisplayPort Test Center

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced that the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) is now a DisplayPort Authorized Test Center.

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Unedited press release follows:

Telecommunications Technology Association Approved as DisplayPort® Authorized Test Center

VESA Works to Ensure DisplayPort Standards Requirements are being met through Testing and Certification Association

NEWARK, Calif.–The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) today announced that Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) has been approved to offer compliance testing for the DisplayPort standard.

VESA has developed more than 50 display and display interface standards, and DisplayPort specifically is being rapidly adopted by leading personal computer, display, digital signage and supporting component manufacturers to deliver a premium visual experience. The technology provides IT, consumer electronics, and related technology manufacturers with a high-performance digital interface, enabling for advanced features to be delivered to business, consumers and A/V professionals.

“Ensuring that VESA and DisplayPort products are interoperable and work as advertised is critical for delivering value to our member companies, technology providers and consumers,” said Craig Wiley, chairman of the VESA Board of Directors. “With DisplayPort adoption escalating at an increasingly rapid rate, we have put significant effort into building out our compliance testing network to satisfy demand. TTA seemed like a natural fit, as they have a long, reputable history of participating in the testing and certification of standards products.”

Since its founding in 1988, TTA has contributed to the advancement of the consumer electronics and related industries through its standardization efforts and testing and certification services. TTA is based in Korea and provides a wide range of testing services which now includes DisplayPort, making it a key player in the dissemination of interoperable products.

“It’s our great honor to be approved as a DisplayPort Authorized Test Center,” said Dr. Dongho Kim, a team leader of the TTA broadcasting testing & certification department. “We will strive to provide guidance and the DisplayPort compliance testing that ensures our customers meet VESA’s requirements and achieve certification. TTA will continue to promote DisplayPort adoption in consumer electronics and ICT in Korea.”

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About Telecommunications Technology Association
Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) is a non-governmental ICT standardization organization that establishes standards for ICT technologies and provides one-stop service for all ICT products. Since its foundation in 1988, TTA has been contributing to the advancement in related industries through standardization and testing & certification services in the field of information and communication technology. For more information about TTA, visit

About VESA
The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is an international, non-profit standards organization, representing a global network of hardware, software, PC, display and component manufacturers committed to developing and promoting the electronics industry. VESA’s established track record of creating and supporting simple, universal and cross-product solutions for today’s video and electronics industry, such as DisplayPort, provides consumers with the confidence necessary to explore new technology standards such as multi-monitor streaming, direct drive capability and full HD 3D support without confusion or difficulty. For more information about VESA, visit